What is a CP-575 Letter

What is a CP-575 Letter

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Do you have an entrepreneurial mind and innovative ideas that will transform into a product? If yes, when you plan to set up a company or have already established a multinational organization, you must be aware of the employer taxes. Every employer who has to pay government taxes in America or any other part of the world is obliged to pay taxes to the concerned government.

The federal government of the United States of America has a separate department in the IRS to handle these business entities. It uses CP 575 to confirm the employer’s identity in the market and also keeps track of his tax and refunds.

What is Form CP 575?

The Internal Revenue Services issues an Employee Identification Number (EIN) which is better known as IRS CP 575 to every employer after their request of form CP 575 is accepted. It is a confirmation of their identity in the US. The employer can receive this confirmation in either of the following ways -

  1. Online - If a businessman gets an EIN number online, he can directly download CP 575 from the website, and keep the document in a safe folder or on backup in his personal drive or another software device.
  2. Fax or mail - If the businessman has clicked the checkbox of mail or fax, the IRS shall mail him the CP-575 at the given mail address. Usually, form 575 takes around 4-6 weeks to arrive at the given mail address.

An important point here to note is the letter of form 575 is given only once by the IRS to the entrepreneur. It not only serves as a confirmation of the business but also is used by the site for identification in tax purposes. Here CP denotes that the form is auto-generated by the computer and hence, the applicant can not get the same number again. If the employer has misplaced or lost the EIN, he can request a copy of form 575. In this case, the letter would not be called a confirmation letter (form 575) but as an EIN verification letter, denoted by 147C.

How to get this letter?

When the entrepreneur opens a new business, the first question to pop up in his mind would be how to get the form 575 letter. An authority from IRS would issue him a CP 575 letter only when the applicant has submitted the IRS Form SS-4. This form is the application for an Employer Identification Number and can be found on the government site. After adequate verification, the letter is drafted over any of the above-specified methods to the concerned entrepreneur. The mail address listed on form SS-4 is used for the response.

The confirmation letter from IRS for form 575 looks as given in the figure below -

EIN Confirmation Letter CP575 for LLC

What does Form 575 include?

The letter is an official verification of the business being noted by the IRS site of the federal government. It includes vital information related to the tax of an entrepreneur’s business. It will information such as -

  1. EIN, a 9-digit number that the businessman will use to file federal payroll taxes
  2. Business name
  3. Official business mail address used to file the tax
  4. Federal tax forms that the company is required to file during tax filing or other purposes - these are informative forms such as form 940, form 941 and form 1120.

As this is a unique form generated by the computer for every business, the company owner cannot use the same number if he decides to open an alliance with a partner organization. The owners will have to have to file a new application for their new business.

Why is Form 575 needed?

The validated form serves multiple purposes for a business owner. This document can be used by the employer to

  1. File the company taxes each year
  2. Use as proof to open a commercial bank account
  3. The employer can apply and get a business credit card
  4. Do registration for employee payroll

These transactions or business operations become easier with form 575 as it is already registered and the employer need not worry about refilling the whole information multiple times, thus saving time. In some cases, the owner might be required to re-confirm the EIN number. Just by simply re-verifying the number, the process gets completed and the owner would not require any more specifications for his business. However, when there is a request for documented proof that the issued number is of his business only, he should be able to prove it by showing the IRS form 575.

What if the  Form 575 gets misplaced?

As this form 575 is provided only once to the employer, he would have to go through a different process for requesting a duplicate copy. When the form gets misplaced, the business owner needs to ask and request an EIN verification letter. This is also called a 147C letter. It is an alternative document provided by the IRS which confirms the business owner’s EIN number. When the owner has this document, he can use it in place of form 575 for business reasons and not face any objection in any commercial work. To get this 147C letter, the owner must

  1. Call the customer service number of the IRS Business and Specialty Tax line on 1-800-829-4933. If the owner is calling from a foreign region he needs to call on 267-941-1099
  2. Listen to the voice instructions and press numerically. He would need to press “1” twice and then  “3”.
  3. The owner then must raise a request for a 147C letter
  4. When the entrepreneur will be connected with an IRS representative, he should answer give appropriate and satisfactory answers to the questions raised. The representative will then accept his request when he feels the answers are apt and the request can be approved with no further clarifications required.

Possible Errors to avoid in Form 575

There are certain rules an entrepreneur needs to follow while submitting a request for form 575. If the owner takes precautions regarding it, he will be more cautious and not make errors. The commonly observed errors which are not accepted by the IRS include -

  1. A business entity cannot have similarities in names with other existing entities.
  2. There should be no typing mistakes or mismatches in the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
  3. The Company name and EIN should be the same as the record.
  4. The third-party who is going to fill your form 575 should enter his own personal contact number
  5. If the owner is directed to a page that shows reference number 106, it indicates that his company does not have a record of a sole proprietorship. Form 575 could be invalid if there is more than one sole proprietorship EIN for an organization.

If there is some technical glitch with the website, the employer might be directed to a reference page 109. In this case, if after multiple times or trying to file this form 575,  he is not able to do the EIN application online, the owner must report the error to an IRS authority or can file it using SS-4.


Opening a business in any country is not everyone’s cup of tea. When the person has a high vision and the ability to transform a small idea into a big business, only then the seed transforms into a high tree. Also, the entrepreneur needs to follow country rules and abide by them. He is expected to fill out certain forms and get valid documents as mentioned in this article. You can have much more information about the other forms required in the USA and even business ideas by reading other blogs at Deskera.

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  1. Every new business must be registered with the IRS in America by filling form CP - 575. CP denotes its auto-generated form by the computer.
  2. This form is the Employer Verification Number given to the employer. It's a unique number and the entrepreneur can fill the form only once.
  3. If the form is filled out online, he can simply download it from the website or request a fax from the government department. This can be used by the businessman for various other tax purposes and is a valid proof of the business is registered with the federal government.
  4. In case, the employer misplaces his document, he can request a copy of it from IRS by filling out form 147C. It will give a copy of the CP-575 letter to the owner
  5. The form ensures that no two business entities have the same name, selling the same product. The letter also ensures there is a single owner and if the company is in partnership, both of them have to file the form 575 separately
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