Deskera Blog Update - Week Ending 16th Aug 2020

Deskera Blog Update - Week Ending 16th Aug 2020

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

A great week of content for business owners and entrepreneurs. Go through the weekly article digest from Deskera to get you up to date in case you missed out on some of the awesome stuff we published last week. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog for regular updates!

A great week of content for business owners and entrepreneurs. Go through the weekly article digest from Deskera to get you up to date in case you missed out on some of the awesome stuff we published last week.

Don't forget to subscribe to our blog for regular updates!


What is a Profit & Loss Statement?
Index * P&L Statement: Use-Cases * What is a P&L Statement? * What are the Key Elements of a P&L Statement? * What are the Different Types of P&L Statements? * What is Not Covered in a P&L Statement? A P&L statement is often referred to as a Profit & Loss Statement, an IncomeStatement, […
Understanding Trial Balance - Uses, Types, and How to Prepare It.
Index 1. Understanding Trial balance 2. What are the Uses of a Trial Balance? 3. How to Prepare A Trial Balance: The Methods 4. Types of Trial balance 5. What is Trial balance Error-Are There Any Limitations of a Trial Balance? 6. Trial Balance Vs. balance sheet Understanding Trial Balanc…
Financial Statements: What Are Financial Statements?
What Are Financial Statements Financial statements refer to the formal records that business entities - fromcorporations to proprietors - are required to maintain, which shows thefinancial position and the business performance of a company over a period oftime. These statements are thoroughly…
What is journal entry in accounting, why is it important and how to Record it?
Index * Definition of journal entries * Why are journal entries important? * Double-entry accounting: Why you need to know it for journal entries * Journal entry format * Recording transactions in journal entries * Bonus examples of journal entries Definition of journal entries …
FICA Tax: What is FICA Tax, Rates, Exemptions and Calculations
Understanding the FICA TaxShort for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, FICA refers to the Americanlaw that requires both employees and employers to contribute to the cost of theSocial Security and Medicare programs in the US. Therefore, the FICA tax refersto the taxes paid in accordance …
Income Tax - Guide With Examples & Tax Calculator
Index * What is income tax- The basics and the meaning of Income Tax * Why should one know about income tax? * Income tax in India * Income tax brackets in India * Calculating income tax in India (with income tax calculator) * The US tax system * Income tax brackets in the U.S.A. * Calcul…
What is Accounts Payable (AP)? Definition, Journal Entries, Examples
Accounts payable is a critical business process through which all companies track and manage their payable obligations efficiently and effectively.
Retained Earnings: Everything you need to know about Retained Earnings
Index * What are Retained Earnings * How to Calculate Retained Earnings? * What is the Retained Earnings Formula? * Understanding The Basics of Retained Earnings * When Should a Business Use Retained Earnings? * Importance of Retained Earnings What are retained earnings? The portion o…

Human Resources

What is CPF | The Complete Guide to CPF & CPF Submission in Singapore
Central Provident Fund or CPF is the Singapore government’s social security savings scheme funded by the employer and the employee.
What does Pay Stub, Pay check stub, Salary slip, or Payslip mean?
Index * What is a Pay stub/Paycheque stub/ Payslip or Salary slip? * What information does it carry? * Where is it useful? * Can you make changes to your paystub? * How to get a paystub? A PayStub/Paycheque stub/ Payslip or Salary slip are different names for thesame thing and can be most …


What is CRM | Learn About CRM and How It Can Help Your Business
In this article, we cover on definition of CRM, who uses the CRm software, the types of CRM available in the marketplace, the statistics on how CRM has grown over the last few years, and great tips business need to evaluate before choosing a CRM software.
What is Sales Pipe line in CRM: Stages, Benefits and How to build one.
> “Sales is an outcome, not a goal. It’s a function of doing numerous thingsright, starting from the moment you target a potential prospect until youfinalize the deal.” - Jill KonrathSales are one of the crucial factors that determine the future of everyorganization. However, how can business ow…

Run Your Business

GST Singapore | A Complete Guide For Business Owners
In Singapore, GST is a consumption tax levied on the supply of goods and services and the goods imported into Singapore from other countries. GST is an indirect tax, provided by GST-registered businesses applied to the selling price of goods and services. The current GST rate is 7%.
19 Awesome Business Management Software Apps for Small Business Owners
Read on to uncover the different types of business management software that will address SMEs’ needs and how they help businesses run more efficiently.


A Lazy Developer’s Guide to A Quick Spellcheck
Whether we are writing an email, a blogpost, a technical proposal, a featurespecification, a user story, ticket, or a user guide, it is imperative that wedo a thorough spellcheck before sharing it with others. Usually editing toolshave their own spellcheck tools, but most of the time their spellc…

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