Deskera Blog Update - Week Ending 2nd Aug 2020

Deskera Blog Update - Week Ending 2nd Aug 2020

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you missed out on any articles or blog posts from last week, then look no further. Here is our weekly digest from Deskera to get you up to date.

If you missed out on any articles or blog posts from last week, then look no further. Here is our weekly digest from Deskera to get you up to date.


Revenue Recognition: What Is It And How To Do It?
Index * What is revenue recognition? * Does my company need revenue recognition? * Examples of revenue recognition * What to do with the revenue that hasn’t been earned yet? * Revenue recognition 606 - The new rules of revenue recognition * How does revenue recognition work under ASC 606? *…
What is a chart of accounts
Index * What is a chart of accounts? * Assets * Liabilities * Expenses * Revenue * Equity What is a chart of accounts? When creating the Profit & Loss statements for an organization, accountants need to segregate the companies’ transactions into various lists, to make the whole process pra…
Owner’s Equity Explained.
Image:Unsplash As the owner of a small business, you must have invested capital in your business. Over time, and several thousand transactions later, you’ve undoubtedly wondered - how much of your business is currently financed by you, and not because of any external liabilities, including the mon…
Cash Accounting Vs. Accrual Accounting Vs. Modified Accrual Accounting
Time and time again, we quote a particular study from Wasp Barcode Technologies, called the Small Business Report - Accounting []. It says that about 60% of small business owners feel that they don’t have adequate financing and accounting kn…

Human Resources

8 Awesome Online Learning Sites in 2020
Online learning is slowly replacing traditional learning methods. Take a look at these 8 awesome online learning sites which stand out from the crowd.

Run Your Business

What Is Inventory Management | Complete Guide To Inventory & Stock
Inventory management helps you to manage and track your inventory & order fulfillment, prevent stock shortage, and do accurate stock valuation & accounting
Learn How to Dropship: The Ultimate Guide on Dropshipping
Learn what is dropshipping, the pros and cons of dropshipping, and how dropshipping can help you as an existing business owner. Know the best practices to set up a dropshipping business, and understand the accounting best practice for dropshipping.
India GST: How to Make GST Payments and Get Refunds
The GST registration must be completed by all the businesses and files their GST return forms online/ offline and make the payment for supply for goods/services.After the GST payment is made, you will know if you will receive a refund or not by ysing the GST refund Form RFD-01

Sales & Marketing

Best Marketing Blogs To Follow In 2020
Over the years, the marketing community has created a great number of blogs to share their ideas and experience. Read on to find out the best marketing blogs that make it to the 2020 list!


A Lazy Developer’s Guide to Reducing PDF Size
Sometimes you receive PDFs which are too large in size. It could be because the PDF contains images, or it is created by scanning physical pages. There are several ways to reduce the PDF size - 1. Use Adobe Acrobat’s Compress PDF […

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