What’s a Single-Member LLC? How Do I Pay Myself as the Owner of One?

What’s a Single-Member LLC? How Do I Pay Myself as the Owner of One?

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

As a solopreneur, starting your own business can be both exciting and daunting. Part of the reason is that there is a lot of legal jargon surrounding creating a business. One of the most misunderstood businesses is the single-member limited liability company. In this blog, we will go through everything a solopreneur needs to know about single-member limited liability companies. As part of helping you understand everything about single-member limited liability companies, this blog will cover -

What is a Single-Member LLC?

As the name suggests, a single-member LLC or the single-owner LLC is a limited liability company that has a single business owner. It is a small or medium scale business with one individual at the helm of the registered business activities. This is different from the regular LLCs, which have more than one owner.

What Is the Difference Between a Single-Member LLC and a Sole Proprietorship?

A single-member LLC is when you register your small business as an LLC or a corporation. A sole proprietorship, on the other hand, is when you start your business without registering it as a corporation or an LLC. In such cases, the business is not separate from the owner.

The proprietor owns all the liabilities and assets of the business as opposed to an LLC, where the finances of the business and the owner are different from one another. In other words, LLC separates the business and the individual both legally and in terms of taxes, while Sole Proprietorship does not. Other differences include that an LLC is registered with the state while a sole proprietorship is not registered with the state. So, it is no wonder that many people do not perceive sole proprietorship as a legitimate business.

How Does a Single-Member LLC Work?

LLCs are similar to corporations, but they are much simpler to form. LLCs are a hybrid form of business ownership that contains both corporations and partnerships. An LLC is a separate legal entity from its owner, and thus, it offers protection for its owner. In other words, the liability protection afforded to an LLC is part of what makes LLCs attractive. This gives the owner numerous advantages in terms of operations. Besides that, it also changes the operations of the business in comparison to the other business types.

For instance, a Single-Member LLC is considered a disregarded entity. And this means that the IRS ignores it for tax purposes and instead collects the taxes from the business owner's personal tax returns. This is one of the reasons why most freelancers and contractors decide to set up their business as a Single-Member LLC.

What Are the Advantages of a Single Member LLC?

It's important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a single-member LLC versus a C-corp when deciding how to structure your business. Let's start by looking at the advantages of a single-member LLC:

  • Limited liability protection
  • Easier to obtain financing
  • Easier to obtain funding
  • More flexibility
  • No double taxation
  • No need to keep separate books and records
  • Limited reporting and disclosure requirements

What Are the Disadvantages of a Single Member LLC?

Just like there are numerous advantages to Single-Member LLC, there are a few disadvantages too. And as a business owner, it is important to evaluate both the pros and cons before starting a business. Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Individual liability
  • IRS Audit risks
  • Arbitrations and legal risks
  • Dealing with creditors

How to Start a Single Member LLC?

A "professional" LLC is important because it shows the public that you are invested in your business and that you are serious. You need to know several things about a single-member LLC before starting one. The main thing is to make sure there is a clear separation between the single-member LLC and your personal life.

In addition to these tips, you should also make sure that you do everything by the book. That means setting up your business as an LLC, having your LLC set up its own bank account, tax identification number, and social security number. You can register online, or you can go to your local Chamber of Commerce.

How Do Single-Member LLC Owners Get Paid?

If you are the only member of your single-member LLC, you are considered a self-employed business owner. You must pay yourself a salary for your services, which is required to be reported to the IRS on an annual basis in the form of a Form 1040-ES or Form 1040-PR.

It would help if you did this in order to deduct your salary from your taxable income. You may be able to claim all of your business expenses on your personal tax return, but if your deductions exceed your gross income, you will not benefit from this deduction. This is why it's important to at least pay yourself a salary as the owner of your business.


We hope you have enjoyed this blog and that you have learned something from it. If you have any additional questions about single-member LLCs, leave a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Key Takeaways

A single-member LLC is an LLC that only has one member, the owner. An LLC is a great way to protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit. It's pretty much the only way to protect your assets if you are operating a business independently. If you are looking to start your LLC and want to know whether or not you can be the only member, there are a few steps to go about it.

  • Pick a Suitable Name for Your Business
  • Hire a Reliable and Registered Legal Agent
  • Create Operational Agreements
  • Get the Certificate of Formation
  • Get Your Federal Tax ID
  • Have an Independent LLC Bank Account
  • Always include LLC at the End of Your Business Name
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