Guide to Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

Guide to Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

In sales, it can be difficult at times to successfully promote your business, its products, and consistently run the marketing campaigns. With the help of digital marketing agencies, companies can put more of their efforts into their overall marketing strategy and less on the marketing details.

In a digital marketing agency, employees have received highly specialized training and are educated in how to create effective marketing campaigns that generate results.

Guide to Working with a Digital Marketing Agency
  • What is a Digital Marketing Agency?
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing Agency?
  • When Should You Hire an Agency?
  • What are the Types of Digital Marketing Agencies?
  • How to Hire A Marketing Agency
  • Measuring Your Success with the Agency
  • How to Fire an Agency?
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What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Your business will benefit from the marketing campaigns created by a digital marketing agency using data and analytics. Data and analytics enhance the campaigns by educating and informing your customers. A business marketing agency and its client will work together to discover a company's overall objectives and needs to build an effective campaign that will increase revenue and drive results.

An agency consists of a group of digital marketers with expertise in particular areas of digital marketing. The team members of the firm conduct ongoing meetings to determine the company's goals each month or quarter. Following that, they work with others on their team to come up with a marketing strategy tailored to your company. As soon as the campaign strategy has been established, it will be developed by their creative team.

The following is a list of services that digital marketing agencies may offer:

  • Creating and implementing marketing campaigns throughout the sales cycle

  • Identifying any adjustments or fixes that need to be made to a website

  • Develop compelling content pieces to engage target audiences

  • Identifying and fixing broken links

  • Optimize mobile marketing and advertising campaigns

  • Following industry and marketing trends and news on a regular basis

  • Generating marketing campaign images

What is Digital Marketing?

While this article will take us through the various aspects and services offered by a digital marketing firm, we must learn about the features of digital marketing before we begin. There is a strong strategy that is followed when the organizations set themselves on the path of digital marketing. Many aspects like content, SEO, and many other tools go into the making of an effective campaign.

To determine which aspects of the campaign are worth retaining and which should not, a campaign has been implemented. The results of a strategy are tracked using data and analytics.

Speaking of digital marketing agencies, they usually apply the best of their tools to maximize the positive outcomes of the campaigns and enhance revenue for the clients.

What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing Agency?

Let’s look across the various advantages of having a digital marketing agency around:

  • They Create Strategies to enhance profits: As a part of the process, the agency and the organizations need to closely communicate with each other in order to understand and explain the requirements. It is only after the agency has understood the requirements thoroughly can they come up with a plan and develop strategies to enhance profits and sales.
  • Create grounds for enhanced productivity: Your marketing agency professional and you work together to establish what your company requires. Their next step will be to develop a strategic marketing plan based on these needs.
  • Identifying and targeting your ideal customer: The best format to develop an effective marketing campaign is to have a clear understanding of the demographic and the buyer persona. The marketing agencies conduct research and obtain knowledge about customer behavior and purchasing preferences. This is then used to carry info about your product and brand around to the target customers. Naturally, this drives better engagement and boosts awareness for your brand.
  • Creating Distinguished Content for the target audience: Many content writers and strategists in digital marketing agencies specialize in researching your business, its industry. Knowing what type of content your readers are interested in will help you craft content and messaging that resonates with each reader and responds to their doubts and queries.
  • Catapults Your ROI: digital marketing agencies keep a close watch on how the previous and existing campaigns are fairings. This constant analysis helps them get a grip of the issues that need rectification and also understand the areas in which the investment can be continued. A persistent effort in this direction ultimately results in an increased ROI for your business.
  • Shoots up the business rankings: The agencies are extremely adept at identifying the tools and techniques to boost your online ranking. With the SEO, interlinking, and strategic keywords, they offer suggestions as to which would be the best channel suited for your business. All these practices and tools will eventually help your company get a better ranking and achieve better traffic directed towards your website.
  • Attracting and engaging an increased number of customers: One of the top reasons why the agencies conduct a thorough analysis of the campaigns is to judge if the investments can be continued to the ongoing and scheduled activities/processes. The idea is to have an improved conversion rate and assist with getting more leads down the sales funnel.
  • Helps you save time and money: You would require to hire a number of people with enough experience and expertise to bring the best marketing designs to your table, in case you decide to do everything in-house. From designing a website, tracking the campaign performance to creating new campaigns, you will need to handle a lot of stress. Not only will you be wasting a lot of time finding the right people, but there could also be a significant amount of money that you could be throwing away on this. Hiring a digital marketing firm can help you avoid all of this.

When Should You Hire an Agency?

There are times when even the most efficiently-running processes tend to give way and may create a situation of panic within the organization. If your company finds itself in a similar situation wherein you are surrounded by challenges at each step, that is the time to consider hiring a digital marketing agency. Moreover, hiring an agency will relieve your team members and help them focus on more detailed and important tasks within the company.

Owing to the wide array of services that the agencies offer, one may be disillusioned regarding the cost or the budget they would require to hire an agency. But, worry not. You can hire them only for the services you want from them. The services that deem redundant or not so useful can be opted out from and instead, you could look at only the ones that generate value for your business.

For better understanding, assume you have all the skilled people on your team to put up a great landing page or a website except a graphic designer. In this case, you could let the agency know about your requirement for the designer.

You will always come across agencies that willingly offer only the one or two services that you may require from them. There could be a content marketing agency that will assist you with creating targeted content and there would be others who could be focusing only on creating adroit marketing campaigns. You need to choose the one you see as the fittest for the job.

What are the Types of Digital Marketing Agencies?

Here's a list of agencies that offer different types of services:

Publicity Firms

If you are looking to create awareness and bring your brand to the notice of the potential prospects, then hiring a publicity firm would be the best option. They shall ensure that your brand gets optimum media coverage and creates a splash in the market. They will assist you with creating a positive impression by writing press releases, updating people about the various company updates and latest offerings.

Website agencies

If your business requires a website that is not only impressive but also informative then approaching the website agencies is the way to go. These agencies will design an impressive website including a catchy landing page for enhancing customer engagement and customer retention.

This type of an agency would work well for an E-commerce store that consistently needed to market and put updates about the latest deals, flash sales, discounts, and so on. They shall also be tracking the performance of each webpage created.

SEO agencies

The SEO agencies implement ways and measures to ensure that your website ranks well on the search engine pages. A constant monitoring and tracking is something that these agencies rely on. They aim at boosting awareness of your brand and enhance user engagement by providing marketing material that is informative and winsome.

Advertising agencies

The advertising agencies are focused towards creating ads for their customers. They read through your requirement and create ads for you based on the type of audience you are targeting.

Email marketing agencies

With people across the world relying on Emails for receiving and sending information, the email marketing agencies draft effective content for sharing with your customers. They may also offer you a variety of email marketing templates to choose from. With in depth knowledge about the various channels and platforms for sending emails, these agencies hold expertise to run email marketing campaigns.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are agencies that concentrate only on a particular niche or a sector. Catering to only a single industry lets these agencies earn tremendous knowledge and adeptness to handle diverse digital marketing issues. Focusing on only one service aids them in offering nothing short of the best.

How to Hire a Marketing Agency?

The following tips will help you hire the right digital marketing firm for your business.

Analyze the qualities you need in the agency

You must understand while hiring an agency that you have a lot depending on the kind of agency you choose. The command they have over their areas of service can potentially decide the fate of your venture. This implies that you will have to weigh multiple parameters before you eventually hire the firm. Learn in detail about their industry experience, length of their contracts with other clients, how many resources they have to serve you, and so on.

You will also have to estimate if their fee is reasonable and whether or not they are easy to communicate with. An easy way to find all of this out is to check the testimonials and the other social proof they have. Laying your hands on these can help you get a glimpse of their impression with their previous clients, and so, it will be easier for you to take a call.

Declare Your Expectations Early On

It would be a wise thing to set and declare your expectations to the agency partner. You must inform them about your goals, your expectations, what are the factors that would not be acceptable to you. Furthermore, you must also lay out your aspirations with regards to the campaign. It is good to clear out these things right at the onset to avoid any clashes or differences of onions later down the process.

Transparency is the key

Being upfront and transparent with the agency could be a key player in how your relationship with them shapes up. From your expectations to your disappointments and any kind of feedback should be conveyed to them. It would finally be for the benefit for your campaign and the business, as a whole.

Communication Plan

Once you have finalized the agency you are hiring, enquire about the ways in which the communication will take place. Let there be no confusion about it as a good and clear communication will result in greener outcomes.

Maintain Clarity and Brevity

When communicating with the agency, be sure of staying relevant to the point and to depict your thoughts and ideas with clarity and conciseness. Always review your mails or messages that you plan to send to them. In the process, ensure that at the end your communication with them is smooth and without any hiccups.


You must trust your agency but at the same time, be sure to verify what has been stated from the other end. This will only enhance the final results you are trying to achieve from the entire exercise.

Heed to expert suggestions

The marketing agency may assign an expert or an advisor who would always be by your side to assist you and address your concerns. It would therefore, be recommended to listen to these industry experts and their advice.

Learn more about the catering team

Although you may be connecting only with the advisor designated for your work, it is always good to learn about the entire team. Knowing about them will help you get a farsighted view of how the things might look in near future.

Always keep goals in sight

There could be many low-level decisions and multiple directions that could take your attention off the goals. However, it is your prerogative to keep your eyes focused on the bottom line.

Be open to experiments

Being flexible and adaptive to new techniques and tactics will prove to be beneficial to your overall marketing process. Do not step back from trying out new routines or innovative trials. Flexibility can work wonders for your marketing process.

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Measuring Your Success with the Agency

Marketing agencies are always on their toes to help you accomplish success. There could be various methods adopted such as campaigning through blogs, video marketing, and other formats. Among all this, you must remember to quantify the results and track the metrics that showcase the percentage of success your campaign has seen.

Analytics Say it All

Social media platforms do not lie and present to you with the facts regarding your campaign’s performance. Another metric is to check how the website ranks in terms of SEO. Google Analytics will give away a near accurate picture of how the many visits the website has garnered, how does the search ranking look, and so on.

Client Feedback as a Metric

Your marketing agency’s success can also be assessed through the reaction and feedback of the clients. In the case when you observe too many complaints, you will have to take it up with the agency and work to improve the process. Ultimately, if your client is happy and satisfied you know that the campaigns run by the agency are working fine.

What do the Numbers Say?

Your agency’s work culture and work load will speak volumes about their success. There are agencies that have numerous clients waiting for them to take up their tasks. However, if your agency is finding it challenging to find clients and generate enough work, then you may want to review your choice.

Hard work, great projects, and successful outcomes are the keys to running a successful agency.

How can Deskera Help You?

At Deskera, we offer marketing services to help your brand stand out. With our expertise in agency operations, we're ready to turn your brand into a powerful force. Deskera CRM and Deskera CRM Plus are tools you need to make that world of a difference from the way you process your sales and orders.

From sales pipeline to the purchase orders, Deskera CRM Plus provides you with access to all the necessary details under one roof.

Deskera CRM and CRM+ offer great advantages for business owners, which will ultimately lead to improvements in their income statement, profit and loss statement, and balance sheet, among others.

Using Deskera CRM, you can digitize customer service. You can also utilize this software to plan out your team's work to improve preciseness.

Run through this short video to learn more about Deskera CRM:

Key Takeaways

Before we wrap up the article, let us walk around the important points discussed:

  • A business marketing agency and its client will work together to discover a company's overall objectives and needs to build an effective campaign that will increase revenue and drive results.
  • In a digital marketing agency, employees have received highly specialized training and are educated in how to create effective marketing campaigns that generate results.
  • An agency consists of a group of digital marketers with expertise in particular areas of digital marketing.
  • There is a strong strategy that is followed when the organizations set themselves on the path of digital marketing.
  • Digital Marketing agencies apply the best of their tools to maximize the positive outcomes of the campaigns and enhance revenue for the clients.
  • Creating strategies to enhance profits and revenue, increase productivity, identify and target ideal customers, enhance ROI, enhance business rankings, helps save time and money, and so on are some of the benefits of marketing agencies.
  • Publicity firms, advertising firms, SEO agencies, Email marketing firms, and SEO agencies are the types of agencies.
  • Analyzing qualities, declaring expectations, maintaining transparency, being open to experimenting are some of the tips you can use to hire a marketing agency.
  • Measuring analytics, following client feedback, and how your business is working are the three metrics that help you measure the success of the hired agency.
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