Maharashtra Registration - Shops and Establishments

Maharashtra Registration - Shops and Establishments

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Businesses need to be registered first as per the rule of the state government in a nation. While there is a central protocol for registration of the company, business or any other industrial establishment in India, each state has its norms. Suppose you are an employer planning to extend your business branch in Maharashtra or an entrepreneur who wants to open a shop or other business in this state. In that case, you must know about the shop act licence online in Maharashtra.

In this article we are going to discuss in detail what is this shop act licence and how to do take it out online. This will prove as a useful and beneficial information for the business owners in the state. We are going to cover the following points in this article -

What is the Bombay Shops and Establishment Act?

The state government of Maharashtra had established an act called as the Bombay shops and Establishment act to consolidate and amend the law that is related to the regulation of conditions of work and employment of employees or workers in shops, commercial establishments, eating houses, restaurants, residential hotels, public places of amusement or entertainment and other such establishments.

The business owner must fill the shop act licence online in Maharashtra for any such establishment so that it is registered with the state government. The Act of Bombay Shops and Establishment was done in the year 1948.

As per the available information from verified sources, this Act extends is applicable to the employers or business owners in the entire state of Maharashtra. It is applicable to the shops and other establishments in the first instance in the local areas that are specified in the Schedule I.

The entire Bombay Shops and Establishment Act can be found on the link given below -

Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act, 1948

As the business owner must have a fair idea about the shop act licence online Maharashtra, it is necessary for them to be aware about the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act,1948. According to the available data, this act is applicable to all the shops and commercial establishments in the entire state of Maharashtra.

This Act has been formed and enacted with the purpose of protecting the rights of the employees working at the shop, business or any other industrial establishment. As per the available data, this act provides regulations that are related to the payment of wages, working hours of the employees, rest intervals for the workers or employees, terms of services, overtime work applicable to the employees, opening and closing hours of the office or business, closed days. In addition to this the act also gives rules related to the holidays, leaves, maternity leave and benefits, the working conditions, rules for the employment of adults and even children (if any) as well as record maintenance for the smooth working of the business or organization.

What are the key definitions under this Act?

An employer who wants to fill the shop act licence online Maharashtra  must have a deep and sound knowledge of some of the key definitions that are considered important under this act by the state government.The definitions that a business owner must know are as follows -

  1. Shop: According to this act, a shop can be referred to as any premises where the goods/ products are sold by the business owner either by retail or wholesale rate to the customers. It can also be a premises where the services are rendered to the customers at a fixed or variable price. Moreover, the place includes an office, a godown, a storeroom, warehouse or other workplace within the same premises or some other location and is mainly used in connections that are related to trade or business but is not in the factory area.

2. Establishment: As per the available information, an establishment refers to a place where the business owner or employer carries on any kind of business trade, manufacturing or other kind of work. It can refer to printing work, business of banking, insurance, stock and shares, produce exchange, brokerage or any kind of work or profession or manufacturing or includes an establishment that is related to a medical practitioner (This can include a hospital, clinic, maternity home, dispensary and other such medical or pharamceutical centres). The offices or work location of other professionals such as accountant, tax consultant, engineer or any other technical/ professional consultant that is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1980 can also be named as establishment.

What are the registration rules as per this Act?

Any business owner or employer who wants to register his shop, business or industrial establishment according to the shop act licence online Maharashtra needs to follow a certain rules of registration which are stated below -

Rules of Registration

  • Each business owner must, within 60 days from starting the businessl submit an application form in form ‘A’ to register his establishment in the database of the state government.
  • After the registration is done and completed, he must remember that the registration certificate must be displayed on visible place inside the office premises.
  • The business owner or employer should know that this registration certificate is valid for a period of ten (10) years. Hence, he should take steps before the expiry of the period, for a renewal application to be submitted for the next period.
  • Any changes in the certificate of registration shall be notified online in Form ‘I’ to the Facilitator as per section 9 of the Act within thirty days from the date the change took place alongwith the required documents to be uploaded as specified in the application and Part ‘D’ of the Schedule.
  • After closing the business of the establishment, owner should surrender the registration certificate to the registration authority.

If you are a business owner who is wondering why to abide by the shop act licence online Maharashtra, then you should understand the benefits of registering your business or shop on this portal. The benefits of registration for the employer or business owner are as follows -

  1. The business owner or employer will have a legal identity to conduct business at any place within the territory of Maharashtra
  2. The business owner can avail benefits under the different Government schemes that will prove useful for the business and even for his employees
  3. It becomes less tedious for the operation of business bank accounts and can help during filing income tax, income tax returns
  4. The registration done can provide useful for the business owner or employer while filling various other forms like the form q

How to register for shop act online licence Maharashtra?

If you are a small business or a vendor who has just opened his shop or business in Maharashtra, then it is probable that you have very less idea about how to do the registration for shop act licence online Maharashtra. In this section,we will tell you the steps a business owner needs to follow to register his shop or establishment on the government portal. Any individual who wishes to open a new shop for business purposes or wants to set up a commercial establishment within the government jurisdiction of the state of Maharashtra, needs to register it online on the government portal. This is required under the The Bombay Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1948.

The shop owner can register using the government portal online by using the link given below -

The steps for registration of the shop or new business according to the shop act licence online Maharashtra as mentioned on the government website are given below. They are as follows -

  1. Log on to the web site
  2. Select the registering procedure as individual or organization
  3. Provide your mobile no to obtain OTP for registration
  4. Fill the OTP appeared on your mobile
  5. Provide your mail Id and information asked for registration
  6. Fill all mandatory fields ( which includes creation of PASSWORD)& submit
  7. Open the mail send to you on your mail id ( kindly check the spam folder if you can’t see the mail in inbox
  8. After opening the mail and click as per the instruction given in the mail your registration completed
  9. Use your mail id is your user ID and Password created by you while registration
  10. Log in to the web site
  11. Enter your login Id and Password and login for services
  12. Select the service for New Registration of Shops and Establishment
  13. Select Registration – Form A, fill the online form and submit
  14. Applicant will get the application Id and application screen will be closed
  15. Open the application submitting application id
  16. See status of the application and the instruction given on right side of the screen
  17. If Status is upload document then Click upload the documents on right side instructions
  18. By Clicking on the documents which wants to upload browse will appear
  19. Upload all the required documents with above same procedure
  20. Click upload document at the bottom
  21. See the Status again which will show for payment
  22. Click on pay the fees on right side button
  23. Choose the option of payment and make payment
  24. Check the status it will show " under scrutiny " it means your application is on desk for scrutiny
  25. Check the status regularly, either it is "approved” or "rejected”
  26. If rejected check your mail and follow the instruction given in the mail and read the instruction
  27. Reapply and follow the given instructions given on right side
  28. Make the changes in the application if instructed
  29. If documents are rejected , delete the rejected documents and upload the documents as instructed
  30. If any instruction for payment of partial fee, make the payment online as you made it earlier
  31. After complying above instruction you will see the status " under scrutiny”
  32. If you see the status "completed” and the "Download certificate” on right side on your screen Then you can download the Registration certificate or check the mail for Registration certificate

The business owner or shop owner must keep this copy of registration certificate of his shop or business safe as it might be required for any other purposes at any point of time in profession.


It is very important to register the shop, business or an industrial establishment on the government website as applicable for the state portal. The registration for  shop act licence online Maharashtra gives the business owner a medium to register their establishments online which is an easy way to ensure your shop or business is in the Maharashtra government database.

This registration certificate document can be kept by the business owner as a soft copy or he can take out a hard copy of the same by printing the formal document. It is essential for multiple purposes for the business owner or employer and can prove useful while filling the other state government forms.

How can Deskera Assist you?

Keeping important documents safe is an integral part of any shop of business even if they are related to the establishment, shop or the employees working at the centre. Every shop or business owner needs to ensure that these documents and the registration certificate are properly maintained so that they are available when needed. By using specific tools, it is possible for an employer to have an up-to-date entry for employee muster roll, payroll, leave management, attendance and even for payslips to be given every month.

Deskera People allows the shop owner or a business owner/ entrepreneur to manage all this using tools and at the touch of their fingertips.

Deskera People provides tools for payroll, leave management, attendance and generating payslips for your employees in a digital way.

One-Stop Solution For All Your Business Related Tasks
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Key Takeaways

  1. Every individual planning to open a new shop, business or any other industrial establishment for income in Maharashtra must register it under the Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, 1948. This act has been enacted to consolidate the working conditions of employees/workers in various workplaces within the state which includes restaurants, public places of amusement, shops, business and many others.
  2. The act has defined various parameters for the employees or worker employed in business or shop premises such as the working hours, interval time, holidays or leave,  overtime work as well as opening and closing hours of the business.
  3. Under the shop licence act in Maharashtra, there is a clear definition for shop and industrial establishment which the individual or business owner can use while filling the shop act licence online Maharashtra. The shop owner or individual must to do this registration on the state government website within 60 days of the start of his establishment.
  4. The business owner/ shop owner or employer must use the Maharashtra state government website to register his business or shop online. He should fill in the details properly and give correct mobile number for authentication via OTP.
  5. The owner must fill the form A for registration on the site and submit it with all the required documents and note down the application ID to check its status later until the registration is complete. If there are no further corrections, then the form A shall be accepted on the government portal. If the government employee finds any discrepancy or mismatch about the information mentioned in this form, the application would be rejected.
  6. The business owner must then take appropriate steps to delete unwanted documents or even pay partial fees as per the instruction to get this registration certificate. Once all the steps have been completed, the shop owner or busines owner can get the registration certificate downloaded from the website or it can be downloaded from his mail.
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