Getting Deskera HRMS Ready for 2019 - Malaysia

Getting Deskera HRMS Ready for 2019 - Malaysia

Brajesh Sachan
Brajesh Sachan
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

A very happy new year to you.

We hope that you had a good 2018 with Deskera. Please follow the below checklist to enable you to use to use Deskera HRMS suite (Deskera HRMS, Deskera eLeave and Deskera eClaims) in 2019 effectively.

    1. Deskera HRMS
      1. Component amount in “Manage component” – carry forward component amount from 2018
      2. Carry forward tax declarations from 2018 to 2019
      3. Configure voluntary EPF contribution if required
      4. 2019 EPF contribution is 11% for employee and 12% or 13% for employer (for wages above and below RM 5,000 respectively)
    2. Deskera eLeave
      1. Set up public holidays for 2019 (Please refer to Official list of Malaysia holidays in 2019)
      2. Review Brought Forward of leave balance (BCF)
      3. Make sure all leaves are updated till end of 2018
      4. Review leave entitlements in Leave Manager
      5. Review the balance of all leaves which require “Manual Allocation”
    3. Deskera eClaims
      1. Review expense type limits

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