Advantages of an integrated Cloud ERP software like Deskera

Advantages of an integrated Cloud ERP software like Deskera

Paritosh Mahana
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Deskera is an emerging leader that provides integrated Cloud ERP suite for SMEs of India. It has all the applications that are required by organizations to manage their day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, procurement, project management, manufacturing, inventory management and more. Thus, helping every small business streamline its business processes to become more efficient and thus increase productivity.

Deskera integrated Cloud ERP helps automate everyday business tasks such as book keeping, stock management, payroll processing, workforce management and more. Generally, SMEs pay separate license-fees for different on-premise software, along-with additional costs for server-hardware, security, maintenance, etc. Often these software do not talk to each other, leading to multiple data entry, increased man-hour costs and time wastage.

To help SMEs fast track onto the Digital India map, Deskera offers an integrated suite comprising enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing resource planning (MRP), project management (PM), and human resource management systems (HRMS). These Applications can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device, thus encouraging SMEs to move out of premise-based systems and build a roadmap for global business reach.

Deskera’s mobile Apps, which have integrated Cloud ERP, not only give easily customizable ‘report views’ but transactional facilities as well. Salespeople can generate real-time quotations, accounts team can generate instant invoices and CEOs can review real-time balance sheets and P&L statements. Deskera software ensures SMEs go live within hours and avoid wasting time on lengthy implementation processes, thus giving SMEs more freedom to build a roadmap to run their businesses and expand their reach.

Since Deskera’s integrated system is universally accessible and self-configurable, it encourages an intelligent flow of information among its users. Being completely on the cloud, Deskera with its subscription-based model is quite economical for SMEs.

“Deskera is a classic SaaS player and our product is truly made in India. Today, the world is moving towards cloud and automation. SMEs want to optimize their business operations and enhance their competitiveness not just locally but globally as well. Our user-friendly software product provides a consolidated as well as comprehensive set of information through a simple login,” said Brajesh Sachan, CTO, Deskera.

For the past eight years, Deskera has been providing cloud-based software to companies around the world. Today, more than 3,000 companies, with approximately 80,000 users, manage their operations with Deskera.

The foundation of Deskera was laid in the university dorm of IIT Kanpur by Shashank Dixit, Founder and CEO, along with his friends. The idea was conceived when they realized that most of the existing software providers catered to large enterprises. They were beyond the reach of SMEs both in terms of affordability and adaptability because of their complexities. The founders saw the opportunity for a pay-per- user integrated business software suite that enterprises could quickly deploy and use it from anywhere anytime to enhance their productivity. The SME sector was in dire need of enterprise software that would help them run their business end-to-end. Deskera came as a solution to this.

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