Importance of Billing Address

Importance of Billing Address

Shikha Samant
Shikha Samant
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Your billing address is an essential piece of information. If you are a business owner, you must change your billing address each time you move your office to a new address. The same is true for an individual. With every movement, you must update your billing address. It allows your issuer to communicate with you and helps protect you from any identity theft.

Importance of Billing address

Of course, it can be challenging to update your address, especially when you are busy shifting. There is already too much on your plate. With so many other priorities, none of the companies or people want to invest their time.

An accurate billing address helps invoices and bills reach the company's correct address. The same is true for a person's monthly credit card bill, bank statements, etc.

You would not want any other person to go through these personal details.

Well, this is the reason why you need to be prompt in updating your billing address.

In this article, we would be taking you through

  • What is a Billing Address?
  • Why is it Important to update the Billing Address?
  • Difference between Billing and Shipping Address?
  • 4 Ways you can Change your Billing Address
  • Manage your bills and invoices better with Deskera
  • Key Takeaways

What is a Billing Address?

Billing address is used in shopping (both online and offline) by an individual or a business.

It is the address at which a person or a company receives a bill or other relevant documents.
Billing address

An example of such a document can be an invoice or a receipt. It is at this address that one makes the payment of the goods or services.

In the case of online shopping, usually, you make your payment via a credit or debit card. Companies use the billing address to verify the authorized use of such a card. It is also where companies send hard copies of bills and bank statements.

Your billing addresses must match the data present with the bank or credit card company.

Billing address is critical for utility services - electricity, internet, gas, water, etc.

In most cases, the billing address is where these services are provided or where the owner of that building resides.

In many countries, medical expense bills are also sent to a billing address.

Yet, you need to note here that the billing address may or may not be the same at which the goods or services are delivered.

For instance, a company 'A' has its head office in California, but it has opened its new office in Seattle. It has purchased desks and chairs for its Seattle office.

Now, the billing address for this transaction is the head office. But the delivery of the purchased items will take place at its new office in Seattle.

Why is it Important to update the Billing Address?

Billing addresses help identify the person or the company wanting to buy online. Additionally, it also allows online businesses to reduce fraud.

Update billing address

Here are 4 reasons why you must update your billing address.

#1 Your Sensitive Information remains Unexposed

An un-updated billing address exposes your sensitive and critical financial information to others. The wrong address/person may receive these details. Let's say you are a company owner who has recently moved to a new office and missed updating your billing address.

Companies may send invoices, bills, and confidential documents to your previous office address. At the same time, if you are an individual, your credit card renewals, card PIN no. or your bank statements are mailed to your address.

If you fail to update the address on time, someone can gain access to all this information. Additionally, there may also be a delay in receiving essential documents. Thus, If you haven't updated your billing address while moving, it can turn out to be risky for your business.

#2 Your Identity is Verified

Let's say you are shopping online on Amazon and want to upgrade to Amazon Prime services. When you make payment for your service upgrade, you put the card details, including your billing address. This process confirms if it is you or someone else making the payment on your behalf.

The card company has all the information, including your billing address, that you provided when obtaining the credit card. When you buy online, you are asked to add your billing address. The credit card company uses the Address Verification System (AVS) to compare your current billing data with the one they have in their file.

If the addresses don't match, the credit card company will not identify you, and your transaction will be declined. Many other companies like telecommunications, insurance companies, etc., use this same method.

#3 Provides Extra Protection

Your billing address plays a crucial role in preventing identity theft. When you are shopping online, you might notice that you are often required to confirm your ZIP code during the checkout process while making payment. This step provides added protection to your transactions.

#4 It's the Law

In most countries, it is the law that you update your personal information, including billing address with registration departments, health care, and other public organizations. These laws are important for governments to ensure they keep accurate records of citizens.

Billing address updates 2

Difference between Billing and Shipping Address?

People are often confused over billing and shipping addresses. While they may sound similar to many, they are different and used for different purposes. When you are shopping online, you may notice that the online seller will ask you for your billing address and the shipping address.

You also see the option - Billing address is the same as the shipping address. If the two terms were similar, the seller would not have asked for the options separately.

So what is the difference between these two terms:

Shipping Address

Billing Address

Shipping address is the address at which a person or a company receives the purchased goods.

Billing address is the address at which a person or a company receives a bill or other relevant documents of a transaction

It does not require an AVS system for verification.

Billing address is verified using AVS system

4 Ways you can Change your Billing Address

Now that we have understood the importance of billing addresses let's discuss various ways to change your billing address.

#1 Changing your Billing Address Online

It is the fastest and the easiest way to change your billing address. All you need to do is log in to your online account and edit the billing address in your profile section.

#2 Using Customer Support

You can also call the service provider's customer care department, a bank, credit card company, a telecommunications company, or an insurance firm. You can put up your request with a customer service representative to change your billing address.

#3 Update your Billing Address via Mail

If you have been corresponding with your service provider using the traditional mail system, you can write your new address on the back of your payment cheque/coupon.

#4 Change your Billing Address in Person

If you want, you can visit the service provider's office in person. There, you can reach out to the 'May I Help You' section or speak with a representative to update your billing address.

Please remember, whichever option you choose, you must do it for all the service providers, banks, or credit card companies. Missing out on any of them can lead to someone else getting your financial documents instead of you.

Change Billing address

Manage your Bills and Invoices better with Deskera

In the above sections, we discussed how and why we need to update our billing address. We also saw that an old billing address could lead to invoices, bills, and credit cards falling into the wrong hands.

In this section, let us see how Deskera can help you manage your invoices and bills in a better way. Deskera is an all-in-one platform that helps you run your business. This cloud-based software consists of Accounting, CRM & HR Software.

Deskera all-in-one also comes in a mobile app version for both iOS and Android users. Organizations can track all the relevant information on the go through this app in real-time and make informed decisions.

As a business owner, you can invest in accounting softwares that can help you keep track of your journal entries, balance sheet, inventory and overall managing procurement.A successful business needs an efficient financing process that meets its specific needs.

Deskera Books is an online accounting software that your business can use to automate the process of journal entry creation and save time. The double-entry record will be auto-populated for each sale and purchase business transaction in debit and credit terms. Deskera has the transaction data consolidate into each ledger account. Their values will automatically flow to respective financial reports.

You can have access to Deskera's ready-made Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and other financial reports in an instant.

Deskera CRM

Deskera helps you to:

Pay Bills on Time

You can keep tabs on your expenses on your dashboard. It helps you create, edit, access bills in your Deskera Books web and mobile app. You get a complete overview of your bills with the "Bill" tab.

At the same time, you know which bills are due for payment to avoid late payment fees and a poor relationship with your suppliers.

Deskera Books - Orders

Automate Your invoicing and billing

You can automate invoicing, billing, expenses, payments, accounting — almost all repetitive aspects of your business — with Deskera.

The system helps you with reminders and notifications for due dates. Also, you can create recurring invoices.

Deskera Invoices

Make instant bill payments

Receive a bill and pay directly from your Deskera login. You can make instant bill payments via Veem. Approved payments will automatically mark your bill as "Paid" and close.

You don't have to toggle between different platforms to make a payment and record your bill so you can "run your business on the go."

Deskera Books

Get paid 2x faster with credit cards and online transfers

Deskera App

Accept credit card payments and online transfers to make it easier for your clients to pay you. Just insert the payment link using Deskera — and rake in the money.

Key Takeaways

Businesses, service providers, credit card issuers, or banks use billing addresses to send invoices, monthly bills, and other information. If you do not want to miss out on any communication, you must keep your billing address updated.

Here are the Key Takeaways from the article:

  • A billing address is an address at which a person or a company receives a bill or other relevant documents.
  • Billing addresses help identify the person or the company wanting to buy online.
  • It also reduces fraud and identity theft.
  • A timely update of your billing address protects you from exposing sensitive information to a third party.
  • Many companies use AVS to compare the current and previous billing addresses to avoid any fraud.
  • A shipping address is a place where goods are delivered.
  • A billing address may or may not be the same as the shipping address.
  • You can change your billing address online, via mail, in person, or using customer support
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