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Deskera CRM Contact Management
Contact Management
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Deal Management
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Activity Management
Deskera CRM Customised Pipelines
Customised Pipelines
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Ticketing Management
Deskera CRM Knowledge Base Management
Knowledge Base Management
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Custom Fields
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Email Campaign
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Email Inbox Integration
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Track Communications
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Team Management
Deskera CRM Award-Winning Mobile App
Award-Winning Mobile App

Automate sales, marketing,
and support workflows

Manage both sales and support from one single platform. Generate leads by creating an email campaign and view performance with detailed analytics on open rates and click-through rates (CTR). Close deals and provide after-sales support.

Get full visibility into your sales pipeline

Deskera CRM pipeline gives you complete visibility across all stages of the pipeline. Drag and drop deals to update the pipeline stages.
Deskera CRM pipeline gives you complete visibility across all stages of the pipeline. Drag and drop deals to update the pipeline stages.

Close more deals with contact management

Maintain comprehensive contact profiles with custom fields to record all the data you need. Categorize and link contacts to their organization for easy tracking. Add or import contacts existing contact databases easily.
View all the contact information, notes, communication history, open and close deals, and more at a glance with Deskera CRM software.

Create new deals in seconds

Add deals with their value, expected close date, winning probability, and more. Create custom fields to add additional information to your deals.
Link deals with people and organizations. Keep track of deal activities. Track deals through your sales pipeline stages.

Get Real-Time Insights with Dashboard

Making the right business decision isn't always easy. Stay up-to-date with real-time sales insights on the dashboard.
View open and won deals statistics, deal status by team members, activity reminders, and more at a glance on the dashboard. Track your deals and monitor team progress with an intuitive dashboard.

Tailor your pipeline to your exact process

Create a new pipeline or choose a template. Create multiple sales pipelines for different products and markets. Identify and focus on important deals with the visual sales pipeline.
Use pipeline view to see deals by stages, deal value, activities scheduled, and more - at a glance.

Track deals on the go

Manage and track your prospects database right from mobile. Access prospect information anytime, anywhere. Collaborate with your team and run your business on the go with our award-winning mobile app.
Deskera’s Mobile App is the winner of the Webby Award Honoree at the 2020 Webby Awards, winning the award for Best Visual Design - Function in the Apps & Mobile Features Category.

Integrate with email to work smarter

Connect your email to send messages right in Deskera. Communicate with your contacts via CRM so you can track emails and contact history in one place. Get a complete picture by viewing contact and deal communication history.

Get more leads with email campaigns

Setting up email marketing campaigns has never been easier. Use our step-by-step method to import or create lists, segment customers, select or create a template. Then just publish and hit send.
Generate more leads and keep your subscribers engaged. Schedule your conversion-oriented email campaigns whenever you want. Get detailed reports on open rates and click-through parameters.

Stay proactive about customer support

Track and solve customer support tickets all in one place with ease. Categorize, prioritize, and assign tickets to your support team. Connect your support email in Deskera to receive and respond to customer issues and queries.
Create custom ticket views by selecting assignee, priority, status, and more. Set up custom views to see relevant tickets on your ticketing dashboard.
Create custom ticket views by selecting assignee, priority, status, and more conditions. View relevant tickets on your ticketing dashboard with custom views.

Build a helpdesk for your customers

Reduce support tickets and empower customers to find the answers they need by creating a smart knowledge base. Create and manage articles and sections according to your needs.
Brand your helpdesk by uploading your company's banner and logo. Create a smart repository of articles so that your customers can find answers by themselves.

Accelerate productivity

View all your activities in a calendar view to plan your day efficiently. Schedule activities, tasks, meetings, emails, and more with your contacts or deals. Receive instant reminders and notifications for overdue activities.
Create, manage, and track activities for your team members on the Deskera web and mobile app. Follow up on your deals and contacts by creating linked activities.

Manage your team effectively

Organize your sales staff into teams to track their performance. Create different teams to get a clear picture of the deals and activities they are working on.
Evaluate sales team performance by viewing real-time insights on your dashboard. Set records visibility by team so that they are only visible to your team.

Configure your CRM the way you want

Get the power to fully configure your CRM the way you want. Create and assign custom fields and attributes to deals or contacts for better tracking and reporting.
Add additional information to records by creating custom fields. Create different types of custom fields such as text, numeric, dropdown, and more according to your business requirements.

It’s how your sales team beats the competition

Automate your sales, marketing, and customer support in one platform
Sell more on-the-go with our award-winning mobile app
Simple and intuitive interface that requires minimal training
Make smarter business decisions with real-time analytics on the dashboard
Get real-time notifications for overdue activities with web and mobile applications
Easily import your existing data from spreadsheets within seconds
Manage your data visibility
Create professional email templates
Create segments and send personalised emails
Brand your helpdesk by uploading logo and banner
Improve performance with team activity management

Boost your productivity

You can save 200+ hours annually by switching to Deskera. Sign up today to see the difference.

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