Best Marketing Blogs To Follow In 2020

Best Marketing Blogs To Follow In 2020

Jing Wen Ang
Jing Wen Ang
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Over the years, the marketing community has created a great number of blogs to share their ideas and experience. Read on to find out the best marketing blogs that make it to the 2020 list!

Over the years, the marketing community has created tons of resources and content to share and value add to one another via the internet. Due to these efforts, marketers from all over the world can gain access to new ideas and acquire new knowledge on marketing strategies. One of the most used platforms that marketers use to share their thoughts and experiences is through blogs.

Hence, as a result,  you can probably find millions of marketing blogs on search engines, and I understand things can get a bit overwhelming if there are too many options.  To avoid this, I have come up with a list of best blogs that have created quality content that value adds to marketers like you. Read on to find out (in terms of alphabetic orders)!


Ahrefs Blog

SEO experts or beginners will surely enjoy the content in Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a marketing blog that focuses on search engine marketing. The content is created by a group of skilled and experienced SEO professionals that aim to provide useful and beneficial content for its reader. On the blog, you are able to source for guides, detailed tutorials, case studies, and more. If you are an SEO beginner and worry about the hard-to-grasp concept, you can put your worries at ease because they have lots of content designed for beginners in mind!

Check it out:

2. Animalz

Animalz Blog

If you are a marketer in the tech or SaaS industry, do check Animalz out. They have created a wide range of exciting topics on marketing strategies and tricks that can be applied in that specific industry. Though they have content that is titled more towards marketers in the tech or SaaS industry, I felt they have a good mix of content for general B2B marketers as well.

Check it out:

3. Backlinko

Backlinko Blog

Backlinko is another SEO blog that is known for creating high-quality value add content for its reader. Backlinko has done a great job in terms of the structuring of its article preview. In the preview, you will be able to quickly glance at the key focus in the article and continue to read it if it sparks your interest. This helps to save a lot of time in helping you to source for the topics that you want to read. In the blog, you will be able to find a lot of "How-to" and "Guide" content that is valuable to many readers.  

Check it out:

4. Buffer

Buffer Blog

Buffer is a blog that focuses on social media marketing. Apart from creating great social media automation tools, Buffer has successfully created a valuable blogging platform for marketers. The content produced by the Buffer team is mostly backed up by data. The team helps to make sense of complex data and helps to breakdown to actionable marketing strategies. The blogs cover a wide range of topics, from general social media trends to step by step guides. If you are also interested in reading more about marketing tools, you can find quite a number of great articles in Buffer as well.

Check it out:

5. Copyblogger

Copyblogger Blog

Content marketers or copywriters might want to check out Copyblogger. Apart from having great content on tips and tricks on how to write better content and formulate content strategy, Copyblogger also has created a throve of insightful content that covers other aspects of marketing such as social media and email marketing.

Check it out:

6. HubSpot

HubSpot Blog

HubSpot has not only created great marketing automation tools, but Hubspot has also established a great blogging platform that focuses on inbound marketing. In the platform, you can find lots of valuable and insightful content from marketing trends, templates creations, annual reports to step by step guides. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in marketing, you will be able to find valuable content that will give you fresh insights.

Check it out:

7. Marketo

Marketo Blog

Marketo is a blogging platform created by Adobe. The platform consistently shared insights from thought leadership, artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis to modern marketing. In the blog, you will be introduced to lots of unique ideas where creativity meets marketing. Personally, I felt the content in Marketo is really fresh, inspiring, and intelligently crafted. Besides, if you also have a great interest and would like to stay in the loop on the most advanced technology tools for marketing, Marketo has created content for that topic too.

Check it out:

8. Moz

Moz Blog

Hard to understand content turn readers off, and Moz understands that. Hence, Moz is known for creating SEO and marketing related content that is straightforward and easy to understand. The Moz team has done well in breaking down difficult to understand concepts to simple terms. It has also established useful strategies that can be easily grasped and applied to real-life situations. Without a doubt, beginners sure can pick up the concept quickly without stress.

Check it out:

9. Neil Patel

Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel is another great marketing blog that provides an extensive range of topics, from content marketing to eCommerce marketing. Whatever your expertise is in marketing, you will be sure to find comprehensive crafted topics that will suit you. On top of that, the platform has garnered a community that helps to answer readers' questions, which also helps to establish two-way communication between the team at Neil Patel and the readers.

Check it out:

10. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner Blog

If you are looking for the latest trends and strategy on social media marketing, do check out Social Media Examiner! Social Media Examiner's posts are always relevant and cover key trending topics like how social media platform is always providing users with the latest juice. The blog content is aim to provide readers with value-add content and useful tips to help businesses to increase their brand awareness, sales, and traffic on their social media accounts.

Check it out:

11. Roketto

Roketto is a leading content marketing agency who works with customers all around the globe to research, plan, and execute large scale content campaigns. They are extremely transparent about their process and give away a wealth of knowledge on their blog, including expert tips on how to succeed in specific industries with content.

Check it out:

In Conclusion

That's a wrap for the best blogs to follow for marketers in 2020! Personally, I felt all the above marketing blogs are all well designed and written. Every one of the blogs has its own specific unique selling points and is able to reach out to their target audience successfully.

Hopefully, I hope you will be able to find some valuable content from these blogs and, hopefully, spark some inspiration for your next marketing move. Enjoy the read!

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