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Frequently asked questions

How does my 30-day trial work?

You have full access to the selected product and plan features during the 30 days. You can invite your team-mates and other users to be a part of the trial without restrictions.

What will happen to my account once the trial is over?

Don't worry, we will remind you when the trial is about to end. You can choose to subscribe to any available plan and enter payment details to keep your account active. If you choose not to subscribe within the trial period, the individual products will be inaccessible after your 30 days. You will still have access to the Admin section so you can choose any plan in the future.

How often will my plan renew?

The payment frequency will depend on the subscription contract you choose. We have two options, Annual and Monthly. If you go for an annual subscription, you will get an immediate 20% off and will have to renew only after the annual subscription period is over. If you go for a monthly subscription, the payment will be charged each month.

Can I upgrade/change the plan any time?

You can upgrade/change any time and we will adjust the difference. Please note that if you are moving to a lower plan, you may end up losing access to some of your data/features that may be available only in the higher plans.

Are their permission levels and restrictions?

A User is anyone who can access the system. A user can be a power user or a free user. Power Users are users with advanced access rights in the system (e.g. access to add/edit/delete other users, approving leaves, approving expenses, accessing financial reports). Free users are users with controlled access rights (e.g. they can create and send invoices, manage deals, contacts, and can apply for leaves, expense reimbursements, and view their pay stubs/payslips).

How many free users can access one account?

There is no limit on free users in Deskera Books and Deskera CRM. Up to 15 free users may access Deskera HRIS in the Startup plan, 30 users in the Essentials Plan and 100 users in the Pro plans. If you need to add more than 100 employees for payroll, please contact us.

When will you start billing me?

Your billing will start as soon as you enter your payment details in the system.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel a monthly subscription any time. The account will become inactive at the end of the billing cycle, so you have sufficient time to transfer or download any data. You can cancel an annual subscription in the first 30-days for a full refund.

How safe is my data?

We use TLS security encryption, which is the industry standard for transmitting data safely over the Internet.

How do I access support?

We have email and chat support available. You can either send an email to our helpdesk moc.areksed@erac or chat live with us from within the system — or from our website by using the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

Do you offer demos?

We run daily webinars on running your business with Deskera. We show the system and its features in these interactive sessions that last for around 1 hr. Book one today to see how we can help you.

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