Deskera : A Better Alternative to Zoho

Deskera : A Better Alternative to Zoho

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Most small and medium businesses today can’t run without a good SaaS business software. Zoho, like many SaaS systems, is a accounting, project management and CRM software. Meanwhile, ERPs softwares like Deskera are a multi-channel communication system, taking care of multiple tasks or CRM insights and providing several features that can easily cater to large and small enterprises' needs.

More than 500,000 business owners manage more than $1 billion business on Deskera.

Business owners look for different things such as usability, flexibility, third-party integrations while looking for the best fit tool for their business.

If you feel Zoho is not meeting your expectations, Deskera is an alternative that is worth considering. Deskera offers a powerful, scalable, online accounting software with integrated sales, billing and inventory capabilities.

Deskera Books is an easy-to-use, simple, powerful accounting software designed for small business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

With the help of Deskera's dashboard, you can keep a tab on your business with real-time updates. View everything related to sales, purchase, bank balances, cash flow, profit & loss, and more all at a glance.

Deskera Books
Deskera Books

Deskera has Accounting, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll Management, Employee Expense Management, Employee Leave Management, Deskera Website Builder all integrated into one platform.

Since all Deskera Apps are integrated on one platform, it let's business owners manage all aspects of their business on one platform.

Let us look at the reasons why Deskera Books is a better alternative to Zoho as it is more affordable pricing and easy to use.

Deskera Vs. Zoho at a Glance

Pricing : Deskera vs. Zoho
Deskera vs. Zoho

Best Alternative to Zoho

Deskera as a platform has a combination of multiple app's that fits into all the needs of a small business. This will help you run your business from end to end without looking for multiple integrations from different products.

With Deskera Books, create invoices, track expenses, get a real-time view of your inventory and view financial reports when and where you need them.

You can impress your customers with professional invoices. Make on-time, accurate order delivery and make life easy for them and yourself by accepting online payments.

Manage your sales and orders from start to finish. Create estimates and convert to invoice upon confirmation. Receive and record online payments automatically. You can fulfill orders and keep track of your cost of goods sold with ease.

Deskera offers tech-enabled invoice and inventory management that produces a dashboard and reports for accounting, finance and decision-making.

Best of all Deskera books help manage all your inventory through a single dashboard - from picking, packing, and shipping, or even dropshipping. Deskera Books is explicitly made with business owners, bookkeepers, and accountants in mind to help them grow their business. You focus on quotes, invoices, orders, bills, payments, and Deskera Books will take care of your accounting needed for compliance and reporting.

Let's have a Quick Overview of Deskera Books Features

  • End-to-End Accounting : From Invoicing to Receipts, to Bills and Purchase Orders, to Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Bank, Cash, and Comprehensive Reports and more
  • End-to-End Inventory Management : Serial & Batch Number, Bill-of-Material, Stock Adjustments & Transfer, Pick-Pack-Ship, Dropship & Warehousing with Multi-Warehouses & more
  • Advanced Bank Integration: Connect to more than 10,000 Banks globally and sync your bank-book – no need for manual entries
  • Advanced Accounting : Expenses, Deposits, Advanced Template, Document Designer, Multi-Currency, Multi-Company, General Ledger, Chart of Account, Journal Entry, Subscription, Custom Fields & Attributes, Auditor Interface for Auditors & Book-keepers & more
  • Report Engine: Complete Reporting Engine for Comprehensive Reports – integrated with CRM and Payroll

Easy Setup and Quick Migration of Data from Zoho

We make it easy for you by quick business set-up and migration of data from Zoho to Deskera in case your business is already set up on Zoho. Import all your data just in 3 quick steps.

You can sign-up for free with Deskera Books in seconds and try. You can try a pre-configured chart of accounts, invoice templates, tax codes with our free trials.

You can easily import your excel files and time for autopilot. You can automate invoicing, billing, expenses, payments, accounting and almost all repetitive aspects of your business with Deskera. With automation, you can free up your valuable time for the more essential tasks of your business.

You can follow these steps for migration:

Migrate from Zoho to Deskera

Suitable for all Types of Businesses

For smaller businesses, Deskera helps you configure and customize the system the way you want it. Deskera can be used for both service-based and product-based companies. You can activate and deactivate modules such as warehouses and pick-pack-ship to suit your business nature.

You can customize the field labels for the transactions and design the templates with ease. We also support various languages, including English, German, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese.

Deskera Invoicing
Deskera Invoicing

Connect to Thousands of Banks across the Globe

Deskera can connect to more than 10,000 financial institutions in over 50 countries at the touch of a button. You can get real-time bank records to compare and reconcile against deposits and expenses in the system.

Deskera's intelligent reconciliation engine makes it even easier by suggesting matches based on the amount, description, and date.

Deskera : Bank Reconciliation
Deskera : Bank Reconciliation

Create Invoices in Seconds and Get Paid Faster with Online Payments

The most popular feature of Deskera is the chance of creating and sending professional-looking invoices from your phone or laptop within minutes. You can choose from 100+ free invoice templates, add your logo, and you are good to go.

You can just accept credit card payments and online transfers to make it easier for your clients to pay you. Just insert the payment link using Deskera and rake in the money for your business.

Deskera : Invoice
Deskera : Invoice

Get Real-Time Insights With an Intuitive Dashboard

Deskera takes care of all the accounting needed for compliance and reporting. You can access your financial reports and statutory forms anytime and anywhere. Splice financial your reports using custom fields. You can also get detailed insight into your sales, purchase, and inventory at a glance using the dashboard.

Deskera : Dashboard
Deskera : Dashboard

Integrate Seamlessly With Other Applications

Deskera provides with easy and available integrations, ranging from payment gateways such as Stripe, Veem, Paypal to eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce. You can tap on Pabbly Connect, Integrately, or Zapier to connect to thousands of popular applications of your choice.

You can sync your contacts between Deskera Books with Deskera CRM automatically to manage your data seamlessly between applications. You can also connect Microsoft 365 contacts and activities with Deskera easily.


Integrated Business Platform

Deskera is all you need to run your business. Deskera has accounting, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll Management, Employee Expense Management, Employee Leave Management, Deskera Website Builder to manage all aspects of your business.

Zoho has limited contacts and emails for CRM and does not have Payroll Management nor Advanced Inventory features. You often have to manage payroll and CRM with other applications. With Deskera, you can bid goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple applications as you can now manage all business processes in one place.

Friendly Customer Support & Awesome Community

Your business can get quality customer service with Deskera’s friendly, reliable support team. Enjoy free support over email, chat with every subscription purchase.

You can join the growing community of thousands of small business owners across the globe on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Deskera : Customer Support
Deskera : Customer Support

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

Deskera All-In-One Professional plan let's you run your entire business at an affordable cost. Choose the plan suitable for your business from the multiple subscription plans offered by Deskera. We provide flexible plans based on the size and needs of your company.

Get free, reliable support and mobile app access with every subscription purchase. Stay with complete peace of mind as we have no hidden charges or extra charges for product updates.

Run Your Business with an Award-Winning Mobile App

You need not worry about paying extra for a mobile app subscription. Deskera mobile app is free with the purchase of a web subscription. Deskera Mobile App is all you need to run your entire business anytime, anywhere.

Deskera Mobile App is the winner of the Webby Award Honoree at the 24th Annual Webby Awards. The award for Best Visual Design - Function under the Apps & Mobile Features Category.

Deskera Mobile Awards
Deskera Mobile Awards

Deskera mobile application has the features required by the business owners such as Accounting, Inventory Management, Inbuilt Compliance, Financial Reports, Payroll Management, Employee Leave Management, Employee Expense Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inbuilt Chat, etc.

Key Takeaways

Why is Deskera better than Zoho?

Deskera All-In-One Professional plan lets you run your entire business at an affordable cost. You can choose the plan suitable for your business from the multiple subscription plans offered by Deskera.

WIth Deskera, you get free, reliable support and mobile app access with every subscription purchase.No hidden charges or extra charges for product updates. Zoho has limited mobile features as compared to Deskera mobile which is available for free.

  • You can save 200+ hours annually by switching to Deskera
  • No need to remember multiple passwords or train your employees on 4+ types of software
  • Save $1,000s every year in software costs
  • Intuitive interface for minimal training
  • Better product management
  • Get paid faster with easy invoicing
  • Make smarter decisions with real time insights
  • No hidden charges
  • Get free automatic software updates
  • Easily switch from QuickBooks Online by importing data within minutes
  • Manage inventory across multiple warehouses
  • Customize the invoice with your own fields
  • Better order fulfillment with Pick, Pack and Ship Batch and expiry date tracking
  • Integrate with multiple shipping carriers
  • Easy dropshipping

Overall, Deskera Books is an easy-to-use, simple, powerful accounting software designed for small business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. Deskera Books is a better alternative to Zoho as it is more affordable and easy to use.

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