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Reduce complexity and grow your company with online ERP software

The most proven, extensive, integrated and effective business platform designed to manage, track and control your supply chain.

Deskera ERP is easy-to-use accounting software that facilitates recording and processing of different financial transactions and processes. From invoices and purchase orders to inventory and receipts, this platform provides a quick and efficient way to manage your business processes. Deskera ERP is approved by the Singapore IRAS Board.

ERP System with Purchase Management Module

Accelerate Your Core Purchase Processes

Deskera helps accelerate your business’ core purchase processes–from quotations to invoicing, goods receipt, returns and payments–all within one seamless ERP software system.

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ERP Software with Sales and Billing Management Module

Simplify Your Business’ Order to Cash Processes

Integrate your sales, finance and fulfilment teams with our smart platform—eliminate billing errors, improve quote accuracy and strengthen revenue recognition processes.

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Best ERP Software with Customer Management Module

Delight Your Customers

Capture all customer related information at a central repository. Be updated about customer’s preference and concerns. Classify your customers based on different parameters.

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ERP Software Solution Dashboard
ERP System with Vendor Management Module

Easily Manage Suppliers

Smartly track created orders, current and future deliveries, sub-contracted orders and your buyer workloads through smart management of approval processes from order to receipt, all in Singapore’s leading ERP business software system.

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ERP Software with Product Management Module

Enhance the Product Process Cycle

Allow your Deskera ERP software system to maintain optimal product replenishment cycle with ease. Get detailed product information with quick inventory valuations.

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ERP System with Account Management Module

Know your Accounts

Record your journal entries with our smart accounting system and effortlessly manage your accounts through our comprehensive and flexible Chart of Accounts. Customise account preferences based on your unique requisites.

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ERP Software with Item Management Module

Item Master Management

Maintain a central repository of all inventory items across chain of stores. You can create a product catalog which maintains a storehouse for all products offered across stores, as well as stock consumption and service offering processes.

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ERP Software with Inventory Management Features

Optimize Your Inventory

Optimize inventory by anticipating demand and receiving order alerts in advance for inventory shortage and overstocks. Automate and dynamically manage all stock operations via Stock Management. It enables stakeholders to get the right product at the right place at the right time.

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ERP Software with Operations Management Features

Manage End-of-Day Operations Checklist

Define end-of-day operations for your employees and monitor all business day’s activities. The end-of-day checklist gives detailed information related to sales, cycle count, incoming transfer and auto shipment.

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ERP System with Inventory Tracking Features

Track Full Movement History

Get a full history of all inventory movements to track down any problems. Customizable and intuitive reports to monitor and manage the complete inventory cycle for your organization. You can see the integrated view of operations such as transaction activity and more.

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ERP Software with Financial Reporting Features

Financial Data at your Finger Tips

Increase your profitability and make better, quick decisions with a steady, real-time view of your finances. Nevermore experience the drudgery of spreadsheet reports and tiresome, fallible data entry.

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IRAS and GST Compliant ERP Software

Compliance made Simple and Easy

Make GST filing hassle-free and stay up to date on your compliance obligations with assisted accounts reconciliation by our ERP system.

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Deskera ERP is designed to decrease incompetence and boost your company’s productivity. Our ERP software is easy to learn and requires low maintenance while being dynamic to scale with your business.

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