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Seeking relief from manual production and inventory tracking in your shoemaking business? Deskera has you covered with automation, real-time updates, barcode scanning, and a lot more!

Resolving Challenges: Deskera's Solutions for Footwear Manufacturing

Why Choose Deskera for Shoe-maker Manufacturing?

Easy Implementation

Deskera manufacturing software streamlines operations with simplified implementation for efficient resource planning, boosting productivity and minimizing disruptions.

Advanced Reporting

Deskera manufacturing software simplifies reporting with its customizable report templates, allowing users to generate tailored reports, without coding skills.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing structure is designed to be adaptable and scalable, catering to a broad spectrum of businesses. Deskera assures a cost-effective integration process.

User-friendly Interface

Deskera manufacturing software offers an easy-to-navigate user interface, with pre-designed report templates that simplify the reporting process.


Optimize Footwear Manufacturing with Production Planning, Scheduling & Costing

Enhance footwear production with precise planning, scheduling, and cost control in our manufacturing ERP, boosting efficiency and profitability.

Work Order Management

Deskera manufacturing software helps shoe manufacturers manage MTO and MTS processes based on customer demand and forecasts or historical data.

Real-time Visibility

Deskera manufacturing software offers live data access, enabling informed decisions, reducing delays, and enhancing responsiveness to changing demands in the shoemaking business.

Cost Monitoring

Efficiently track production costs in footwear manufacturing with our comprehensive system, ensuring budget adherence and cost control for optimized operations and profitability.


Master Your Inventory and Supply Chain

Effectively oversee resources for smooth, efficient operations with multi-location inventory management

Optimized Multi-Site Inventory Centralization

Efficiently consolidate inventory management across various sites, ensuring smooth operations and effective stock control in shoemaking business.

Streamlined Order Processing and Fulfillment

Deskera lets you simplify the entire order journey, from creation to delivery, guaranteeing precision, punctuality, and customer contentment.

Integrate Warehousing with the Supply Chain

Harmonize warehouse operations and supply chain to boost efficiency, cut costs, and enhance logistics performance with our manufacturing software.


Leverage Automation Capabilities for Efficiency

Automate your path to operational excellence with streamlined operations and cost savings

Streamlined Operations

Optimize processes, and reduce redundancies with Deskera's manufacturing solutions, resulting in efficient and cost-effective workflows for improved business performance.

Cost Savings

Our footwear manufacturing software encompasses identifying and implementing strategies to minimize expenses, resource wastage, and overheads by reducing manual labor and resources.

Enhanced Accuracy

Minimize errors with automated data handling, ensuring data precision. This feature can help businesses maintain data integrity and reduce costly mistakes.


Mastering Quality Control for Superior Products

Uncompromising quality, every time with comprehensive inspections and quality analytics and reporting

Comprehensive Quality Inspections

You can set up detailed inspection criteria, capture inspection results, and track non-conforming products. With Deskera, you have complete control over your quality control processes.

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

Deskera enables you to investigate the root cause, define corrective actions, assign responsibilities, and track their implementation.

Quality Analytics and Reporting

You can generate reports to monitor key quality metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your overall quality management strategy.

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