Inventory Management

Track inventory levels and movements in real-time. Generate stock-level alerts when reaching critical low thresholds. Automate ordering and restocking processes to maintain optimal inventory levels.

Track inventory levels across multiple warehouses.

Automate inventory ordering

Generate stock reports

Monitor stock levels and replenish inventory

Link inventory with invoicing, sales, and purchase orders

Analyze inventory trends

Automate inventory cycle count

Generate barcode labels for inventory tracking

Integrate inventory control with financials, sales, and purchasing.

Deskera Inventory Management for your business

Deskera ERP allows you to streamline your inventory management and improve overall efficiency. You can easily track and manage inventory, set up alerts for stock levels, optimize product lifecycles, plan and forecast orders, create and manage multiple warehouses, generate real-time reports and get an overview of your entire inventory system.
With Deskera, you can easily manage your inventory and make sure that you have the right products and materials to meet customer demands.

Track Real-Time Stock

Monitor stock levels in real-time, reducing the risk of stockouts.

Automate Re-Ordering

Automate the re-ordering process to ensure timely replenishment of stock.

View Stock History

View an item’s stock history to track usage trends and predict future demand.

Run Your Business with Deskera

Deskera Inventory Management