Sales Pipeline Management

Track leads and prospects, monitor opportunities, and manage customer relationships. Easily customize pipeline stages to fit specific business needs. Monitor performance with insightful analytics for improved results.

Get a full view of the sales pipeline with a clear visualization of sales stages and opportunities. Track progress of each opportunity, from initial contact to final close. Manage leads and prospects more efficiently by assigning them to specific sales reps. Keep track of all communication with leads and prospects in one place, including emails, phone calls, and events. Set up custom stages in pipeline to correspond with sales processes.

Sales Pipeline Management provides sales teams with visibility into their sales processes, enabling them to quickly identify opportunities and issues, and take proactive steps to achieve their goals. It provides sales teams with a clear view of their current and future opportunities, allowing them to prioritize their activities and focus on the most important deals.

Maximize productivity and streamline workflow with automated processes for managing sales pipelines.

Unify data from multiple sources and gain insights into customer behavior.

Accurately forecast opportunities to optimize resources and target the most promising leads.

Key Features of Sales Pipeline Management
with Deskera ERP.

Track Leads

Monitor leads through each stage in the sales pipeline to ensure timely follow-up and conversion

Automate Tasks

Automate routine sales activities such as creating quotes, sending follow-up emails, and generating reports

Streamline Communications

Establish pipelines for customer communication and ensure consistent, accurate messaging

Monitor Performance

Track sales performance and identify opportunities for improvement

Forecast Future Deals

Use predictive models to forecast future deals and analyze trends in sales activity

Manage Customer Relationships

Track customer relationships and ensure long-term customer satisfaction

Streamline Processes

Automate manual processes and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks

Track Opportunities

Monitor opportunities from start to finish and ensure that sales reps are meeting their goals

Analyze Data

Use data to identify patterns and trends in sales performance and customer behavior

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Deskera Sales Pipeline Management