Minimize costs, optimize order and lead times, and manage vendor scorecards, purchase orders and invoices. Automate the approval process. Receive detailed reports and analytics to gain visibility into your entire procurement cycle.

Create Requisitions and RFQs

Generate Vendor Quotations

Set up Vendor Scorecards

Manage Preferred Suppliers

Scan Purchase Invoices

Create Purchase Orders

Validate Purchase Invoices

Streamline Approval Workflow

Automate Payment Processes

Monitor Procurement Performance

Deskera Procurement for your business

Deskera ERP helps you streamline and modernize your procurement process with powerful features. You can easily create, manage, and track requisitions, RFQs and vendor quotations in one centralized platform.
Deskera ERP enables you to create Purchase Orders and Purchase Invoices in a few clicks, and maintain complete visibility and control over your procurement process with automated approval workflows.
Deskera ERP also allows you to customize your procurement process to match your unique business needs, and monitor your procurement activities with real-time insights and in-depth analytics. Save time, reduce costs and increase efficiency of your procurement process with Deskera ERP.


Quickly create and track requisitions.


Assign requisitions to the appropriate personnel.


Manage the requisition lifecycle.

Run Your Business with Deskera

Deskera Procurement