Project Accounting

Track, monitor, and analyze project revenue, expenses, and billable hours. Leverage real-time visibility into project finances and performance to ensure cost control and profitability. Enter timesheets, monitor P&L, and manage bill of quantities.

Create Bill of Quantities for each project

Track project time against estimated budget

Set payment milestones and generate invoices

Automate revenue recognition for projects

Monitor Project Costing and Profit & Loss

Track project expenses and ensure accurate budget control

Generate project performance and cost reports

Allocate resources and track utilization

Assign tasks and monitor progress in real-time

Deskera Project Accounting for your business

Deskera ERP's Project Accounting provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage your project finances. You can use Bill of Quantities to accurately track project costs and revenues, Project Time Tracking to monitor project progress, Payment Milestones to manage cash flow, Revenue Recognition to ensure timely invoicing, and Project Costing and P&L to track financial health. Moreover, you can use these features to create detailed reports and dashboards that provide you with an in-depth understanding of your project finances. With Deskera ERP, you can easily keep track of your project's financials and make better decisions that lead to increased profitability.

Accurate Estimates

Deskera Project Accounting provides accurate estimates for a project's total cost.

Automated Calculation

Deskera automatically calculates prices, discounts, taxes, and other factors for each item.

Real-Time Updates

Deskera Project Accounting ensures real-time updates of a project's bill of quantities.

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Deskera Project Accounting