Project Costing and P&L

Monitor project expenses and income with detailed reporting capabilities and keep track of project profitability with real-time budgeting and cost-tracking. Analyze and compare project performance across a range of metrics to optimize strategies and maximize return on investments.

Understand financial performance of projects with robust and accurate cost tracking. Track multi-level project costs related to labor, materials, overhead, and more. Analyze expenses and revenues in real-time. Easily identify projects that are over budget or underperforming. Monitor the cost of resources and materials used for each project. Easily assign costs across multiple projects and jobs for more accurate cost tracking. Create and manage purchase orders to better control costs and revenue. Generate financial statements, including P&L statements, to gain insights into profitability.

Project managers can track their project's costs and profits over the entire lifecycle of the project with an easy-to-use dashboard and comprehensive reports that allow them to analyze the profitability of their projects and make better decisions.

Streamline the cost tracking process for multiple projects.

Track overhead costs and revenue generated across projects.

Monitor the financial health of the organization's projects.

Key Features of Project Costing and P&L
with Deskera ERP.

Manage Project Cost

Track expenses, analyze profitability and ensure cost accuracy for every project

Analyze Profitability

Monitor revenue, profits and losses for each project and identify areas of improvement

Automate Invoicing

Automatically generate and send invoices to customers for completed projects

Set Project Budgets

Easily set project budgets and track costs in real-time

Monitor Cash Flow

Monitor cash flow for all projects to ensure timely payments

Manage Resources

Assign resources and manage their utilization for each project

Track Time

Track time spent on each project to optimize resource usage

Forecast Costs

Forecast project costs to anticipate budget constraints

Generate Reports

Generate reports to understand the financial performance of projects

Optimize Performance

Optimize performance by analyzing project data and making informed decisions

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Deskera Project Costing and P&L