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Key Features of Accounting
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Track transactions, create invoices, generate reports, monitor accounts receivable and payable, create custom financial year schedules, and manage multiple currencies.

Financial Management

Manage financial processes like budgeting and forecasting, bank reconciliation and multi entity consolidation with ease. Gain visibility into financial performance, segment user roles, automatically generate financial reports, track payments, and easily forecast future financials.

Manufacturing Operations

Manage your materials, resources, and production processes efficiently with Deskera's MRP Platform. Calculate production costs, track inventory levels, and plan for purchasing and production needs. Automate the creation of purchase orders and production plans, streamlining your operations for maximum efficiency.

Inventory Management

Track inventory levels and movements in real-time. Generate stock-level alerts when reaching critical low thresholds. Automate ordering and restocking processes to maintain optimal inventory levels.

Warehouse Management

Automate receiving, order picking, and shipping. Manage multiple warehouses. Pick, Pack, and Ship from Warehouses. Utilize advanced analytics to better understand warehouse performance.


Minimize costs, optimize order and lead times, and manage vendor scorecards, purchase orders and invoices. Automate the approval process. Receive detailed reports and analytics to gain visibility into your entire procurement cycle.

Order Management

Manage all aspects of sales orders from multiple channels, including creation of shipments, pick-pack-ship, bill of lading and backorder tracking. Assign individual order numbers, generate picking lists, view statuses, and track delivery times.

Project Accounting

Track, monitor, and analyze project revenue, expenses, and billable hours. Leverage real-time visibility into project finances and performance to ensure cost control and profitability. Enter timesheets, monitor P&L, and manage bill of quantities.

Customer Relationship Management

Segment customers, Create deal pipelines, Track customer histories and interactions, analyze customer data to target sales, automate sales tasks to reduce time and effort, create landing pages to reach more customers.

HR Management

Manage HR operations efficiently. Track employee records and performance, set up payroll and benefit plans, and automate attendance tracking. Streamline HR processes and ensure compliance with local and national regulations. Reduce paperwork and minimize manual data entry for greater efficiency.

Customer Service

Track customer interactions in one centralized system to improve response times, monitor service levels, and identify customer preferences. Streamline customer service processes with automated workflows, customizable dashboards, and real-time analytics.

Business Intelligence

Monitor business performance, track key metrics, take corrective action with comprehensive data analysis capabilities, leverage advanced reporting and visualizations to help make informed decisions, gain a comprehensive understanding of enterprise operations, identify trends, and drive measurable results.

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