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Online accounting made easy

Deskera Books makes managing your accounting a breeze. Deskera takes care of all accounting needed for compliance and reporting. We do the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can focus on running your business.

Breezy setup and data import

Easily import your existing data from Excel or connect Deskera to your existing Xero or Quickbooks account for automatic import. Get pre-configured invoice templates, tax codes, chart of accounts, and much more.

Get paid faster with invoices

Create and send invoices from your phone or laptop in minutes. Use our professional invoice templates or design your own. Convert your quotes and estimates to invoices in a click. Embed Stripe payment links to get paid fast.

Professional invoices templates

Access user-friendly templates for all transactions like invoice, quotes, orders, bills, and payment receipts. Or simply build your own template in Word and upload and use that to print or email PDFs to your contacts.

Optimize your inventory

Record purchase orders and bills in a few clicks. Keep track of your payables and expenses in one place. Email purchase orders to your suppliers and receive goods on time to maintain optimal inventory stock.

Dropship with ease

Deskera Books allows you to quickly create dropship orders for your supplier from customer orders. All the product, quantity, and delivery address fields are auto populated. You only need to update fulfillment status once the actual shipment is done and the accounting details are taken care of by Deskera.

Stay attuned with your stockroom

Get notified by Deskera Books of any shortfall in inventory while creating estimates, quotes, or invoices. Create a backorder immediately in one click and get notified when you have received the goods. Fulfill all your orders on time and never fall short on inventory.

All your contacts in one place

Maintain your supplier and customer list in one centralized location. Access contact details from anywhere, anytime. Track outstanding receivables and payables easily and keep your cash flow healthy.

All Your Contacts in One Place

Automate inventory tracking across warehouses

Track different type of products, including goods, services, raw materials and finished goods. Inventory movement across multiple warehouses is recorded automatically when you carry out any transaction. Get the flexibility of auto fulfillment and auto goods receipt when creating invoices and bills.

Pick, pack, ship

Get premium inventory functions like pick, pack, and ship. Conduct your entire sales and order fulfillment online. Create picking lists, pack into cartons and boxes, and ship via a carrier of your choice. Track the order shipment in real time with our Fedex and USPS tracking apps for free. Print packing and shipping labels.

Simple bank reconciliation

Connect your chart of accounts to your bank and get real time bank balance in your system. Use bank feeds to compare and reconcile against deposits and expenses in the system. Our intelligent reconciliation engine makes it even easier by suggesting matches based on amount, party, and date.

Multi-currency made easy

Maintain exchange rates for over 110 currencies. Choose to get daily, weekly or monthly currency exchange updates. Create your invoices and bills in multiple currencies. Get forex gain/loss reports for currency fluctuations over time.

Configurable chart of accounts

Deskera Books comes with a preconfigured chart of accounts suitable for your business. All the necessary mapping is done for you to save time. You can always choose to add/edit or import your own chart of accounts via excel upload.

Credit & debit notes

Create credit and debit notes when necessary for your customers and suppliers. Apply credit and debit notes against invoices and bills in one click to knock off outstanding amounts. All the accounting entries are made automatically.

Advance payments and deposits

Record advance payments and deposits for your suppliers and customers in currency of your choice. Use the advances to knock off against existing or future bills and invoices.

Automatic tax calculations

Get accurate tax reports and know your tax liability at all times. Tax is applied automatically according to local tax rules. You can configure your own tax codes for any country, or use inbuilt tax compliances for USA, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia (Australia, Canada and Japan coming soon).

Easy configuration with custom fields

Configure your data entry fields by adding custom fields of your choice to multiple forms like invoices, bills, journal entries, contacts, or products. Filter all reports, including financial reports by custom fields to get better insight into your data.

Real time reports

Access all reports (including financial reports) online. View income statement, balance sheet, trial balance, cash flow statement, general ledger, and tax reports on your phone or desktop. Get detailed insight into your sales, purchase and inventory. Splice your reports using defined custom fields.

Add your accountants for free

Simply enter your accountant’s email and invite them to use the system. Control the access rights for team members with our simple yet powerful role-based access system with the option to add free users.

Auto journal entries

All transactional journal entries, like invoice or forex gain/loss are automatically created and mapped to the correct general ledger account for proper reporting. You can also create manual JEs if the need arises.

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