10 Examples of Landing Pages for Maximizing Mobile App Downloads

10 Examples of Landing Pages for Maximizing Mobile App Downloads

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Landing Pages for Maximizing Mobile App Downloads

Have you been wondering what caused an app to zoom in up to the top position and what are elements they incorporated remarkably well? Well, when it comes to downloading mobile apps, landing pages come to the fore to enact an incredibly significant part. After all, it all boils down to conversions.

If you are someone who is looking for some insights into the aspects that work best for the landing pages for maximizing mobile app downloads, then we have this article with all the information you ever wanted to know.

Here is what we cover in this post:

  • What are app landing pages?
  • Components of app landing pages
  • Benefits of an app landing page
  • We also learn about 10 examples of the best landing pages that help you maximize your mobile app downloads.
  • Finally, we also go through the best practices for building a mobile app landing page.

What is an App Landing Page?

As the name goes, a landing page is where your customer lands after having clicked the ad or the link. A landing page describes the qualities and features of your brand and product. However, it is different from your blog or the homepage.

A homepage may comprise all the information about all of your products but a landing page targets a specific product you aim to sell at that particular point. A landing page is a standalone entity, separate from your website.

A landing page plays a crucial role in driving traffic, aiding sales, and conversion and gathering contact information of the visitors.

What are the Important Components of App Landing Pages?

Important Components of a landing page are:

Name and company logo: For a successful run, you must have an impressive and catchy name for your business. Furthermore, you also need to pay attention to the logo which compliments your brand and goes well with the theme of your business.

Headline: This goes at the top of your landing page and should be given in clear and attractive fonts to grab the customer’s attention.

Subhead: While this may be optional, it is good to include a brief description of the product. Alternatively, you may add a discount coupon or any other offer to highlight the benefits of your product.

Images and videos: These are not compulsory features of your landing page. However, they are believed to increase the impact the landing page has and are good to integrate for driving conversions.

Call-to-Action: A CTA is a button that takes the customer to another page where they can decide to take an action. It could be a signup or registration form or may trigger a purchase. Fundamentally, it could be any action that helps convert the visitor.

The Benefits Of A Well-Designed App Landing Page

If you have been looking for the advantages of the app landing page, let us look through the following points. These are the ways in which the app landing pages can be beneficial:

Benefits of App Landing Page
Benefits of App Landing Page

Landing pages help your brand reach its business goals.

In this case, the aim is to boost conversions by attracting new clients and getting them to download apps. Also, landing pages can be used to estimate business tactics' effectiveness.

Aim to improve conversion rates.

App landing pages designed with a clear conversion funnel reduce the bounce rate and increase conversions.

A stronger brand reputation.

The absence of landing pages eliminates the possibility of giving users more information and establishing trust.

Identify and cultivate high-value leads.

In this instance, the landing page was designed to get people to download the app, which is the sole objective of the landing page. Visitors to your app landing page are more likely to be high-value leads than visitors to your website's homepage. This is because they are seeking a particular benefit your app can provide.

Enhanced brand awareness.

The app landing pages on your website give you a great opportunity to collect marketing campaign leads. This further benefits you to drive some of that traffic further into your web presence.

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10 Mobile App Landing Page Examples

Now that we have understood what are landing pages and what they comprise of, here is a list of the 10 examples that shall help you get a clearer idea of what goes into the making of a good mobile app landing page.

  1. Aaptive App
  2. RoadSave
  3. Carly
  4. Hearth
  5. HouseParty
  6. Slowly
  7. Uber
  8. Dropoff
  9. Piing!
  10. Nicnac - Anything On Demand

Aaptive App

Aaptive App Landing page

Why does it work?

Responsive and interesting Design: The page appears differently and aptly on mobile phones and desktops. The desktop version includes some extra features than the phone version. However, as the mobile version is not heavily loaded with information and tabs, it offer a very good speed of loading. This way, both the versions are a visual treat and are informative as well.

Trust and credibility: The page displays testimonials from its customers along with the names and logos of the renowned brands that it is associated with. This helps instill trust among the visitors.


RoadSave  App Landing page

Why does it work?

Neat and Clear layout: The layout is very evenly distributed and has color schemes that compliment it.

Description: The page also includes a brief description of the company and how it can help the visitor. The description also helps serve a lot of information to the visitor, tempting the user to take the next step.


Carly  App Landing page

Why does it work?

Effective CTA: The brand offers valuable insights and information to the visitors if they are willing to click the ‘Plans and Prices’. Also, in the second picture, the text used helps as an aid to get the information about the car and the model they use. Furthermore, it reiterates the offers made by the brand for the customer's car.

Offers multiple options: The various plans and the prices have been included as a button on the page. This way, the page offers a lot of options to the customers to choose from which makes for a good user experience. People do not have to surf around for information across the page.

Contrasting Color Schemes: Against a white background, the orange and black colors stand out elegantly, giving a clean catchy look to the page.


Hearth  App Landing page

Why does it work?

Features are highlighted: The page highlights the features of the product remarkably well. It lets the customers know about the product instantly. This makes it easy for the customer to take a call to move ahead in the process.

Strategic placement of CTA: After having described the characteristics, the CTA appears in a blue button against the lighter white background. It makes the button stand apart from the rest of the text.

Ease of use: The overall look of the app provides a good feel and ease of use to the visitor. This could be a positive point that could quickly lead to conversion.


Houseparty  App Landing page
HouseParty  App Landing page

Why does it work?

Clear display: The page clearly mentions the operating systems the app can be downloaded on, and how it shall appear on each of those devices.

Elaborate Description: There is a description of the company and what it does. It is informative and makes it easier for the visitor to make a decision.


Slowly  App Landing page

Why does it work?

Catchy Headline and detailed subhead: The landing page has a bold heading with the name of the company. It also consists of a short description of how it enables people to touch base with their pen pals.

Depicts stores to get it downloaded from: It provides links to get the app downloaded for iPhone as well as android users. Placing links is a great way for prioritizing the user's comfort; chances of download increase manifold with the links easily accessible.


Uber  App Landing page
Uber  App Landing page

Why does it work?

Clear designations: The page clearly states the link to download the app for a ride and for the driver. Links serve an important purpose in

Multiple options: These options work as CTAs that individually carry the person to an altogether different and separate function.

Clear CTA: 'Sign Up to Drive' indicates to the user what they need to do in the case they want to drive. Moreover, it also provides more information about the driving and delivering if the user would be interested, right below the CTA. This helps the user to find all the information in one place.


Dropoff  App Landing page
Dropoff  App Landing page

Why does it work?

Clear delivery instructions: Being a delivery app, it acts as a comprehensive and perfect interface to fetch the information for efficient delivery.

Multiple functions: From ‘New order’ to covering a diverse range of restaurants, the app also endeavors to integrate the ‘payments’ on the same page; this works towards providing a good customer experience.

Logo: Having attached a logo on its page of a famous eatery brand ensures the visitor that Dropoff encompasses a lot of brands, which increases the likelihood of them finding their favorite food outlet on the app. Thus, leading them to install the app


Piing!  App Landing page

Why does it work?

Holistic approach: Piing being an on-demand laundry service that delivers at the doorstep, has all the right ingredients to go on its app landing page. From including a live tracking button to free next-day delivery, the customers can access all the info pertaining to their laundry on the go. The app page makes it feasible for them to get all this data easily.

Simple language: The page ensures that the language is not complicated and the customers can execute orders at the click of a button. If the people find it difficult to understand the terms used, they will probably log out. Therefore, simpler language adds to the comfort and an enhanced user experience.

Nicnac- Anything On Demand

Nicnac  App Landing page
Nicnac  App Landing page

Why does this work?

Interesting Logo and text in bold: For an app that promises to deliver anything you want, the logo with the bird carrying a parcel is interesting and complements it. The font used for the name of the company stands out in bigger letters.

Multiple options of products: From grocery to laundry, the brand guarantees to fulfill all the demands competently; assuring the customer of good service. Also, the multiple options covered tend to pull in more customers.

Offers good customer experience: With a clear CTA and good choice of colors and a fascinating visual appeal, the page offers a good customer experience.

The Best Practices to Build Mobile App Landing Pages

While the information shared here, may not be new to you as a marketer, however, you must be mindful of following these points so that you leave no stone unturned to create the best mobile app landing page.

Let’s dive in.

Start by defining your conversion goal

App landing pages can take many forms. You can provide links to the Android and iOS app stores on the download page. Perhaps you would like your customers to sign up for your service first. It cannot be stressed enough that your conversion goal will greatly influence your call-to-actions, your copy, and even your design. Therefore, starting by defining your conversion goal is a good place to begin.

Get started on your phone

While some people would prefer desktops or laptops, we must bear in mind that apps are typically designed for smartphones; and therefore, it would be logical to develop the mobile version first. This will help you get the most out of those users who will download your app.

Hold the customer's attention

Although all landing pages hold the attention for some time, app pages that encourage direct downloads yield the highest conversion rates. So, instead of providing all the random information,  you should focus on the information that will get the visitors to convert.

Display the device

Your app should run on a device that's similar to what your customers use, if possible. Be it iOS or Android,  the experience will vary according to the usage and the campaign. So, putting up a picture of the phone or the logo of the operating system is a great factor to implement in the app landing page.

Keep your speed up

If you have a lot of fascinating features you want to highlight, it can be tempting to put everything on your app landing page. However, a slow post-click experience can cause your visitors to become frustrated, which in turn reduces conversions. Therefore, it is wiser to limit your features to an optimum and focus on having a good loading speed.

Key Takeaways

With the various points observed in the examples, we can arrive at the following conclusion:

  • A landing page is where your customer lands after having clicked the ad or the link.
  • A landing page is a standalone entity, separate from your website.
  • A landing page plays a crucial role in driving traffic, aiding sales, and conversion.
  • Name and company logo, headline, sub headline, images, videos are some of the major components of a landing page.
  • Enhancing brand awareness, improve conversion rates, cultivate valuable leads are some of the benefits of a great landing page.
  • The best practices to follow while building an app landing page are defining your goal, aim for the customer’s attention, display the device, and having a good loading speed.
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