Consent Letter for GST Registration

Consent Letter for GST Registration

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The taxpayers should download a document proving ownership of the property on which they carry out their business operations. In the case where the taxpayer is a tenant, then they must attach a valid lease/rental agreement. In the event that it is neither owned nor leased, the taxpayer must submit a GST consent letter at the time of downloading proof of establishment.

No Objection Certificate or a NOC issued by the landlord of the premises is a document that indicates that it is acceptable for the taxpayer to conduct his business there.

We shall learn more about the consent letter in this post, along with the following points:

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When a company has to carry out its business operations, it should either have a registered place that is owned or is leased. In case, the premises are owned, then the company must present a document at the time of GST registration supporting its ownership of the premises. However, if it is a leased premise then the company must upload a valid document of lease or rental agreement.

In the absence of both of these documents, i.e. if the company neither owns nor has it leased the premises then it must present a Consent Letter. This must be done at the time when they are uploading on GST portal, the proof of place of conducting business.

A consent letter is a sort of No Objection certificate from the owner or the landlord of the premises, that states that there are no objections from the landlord to commence or run the business.

There is no specific protocol or format for drafting the consent letter, and it could be any written document.

Which Other Documents are Required?

Other Documents required are:

  • Address proof. For Example: Municipal Khata copy OR
  • Electricity bill

Owners of the premises should sign the consent letter. A consent letter on stamped paper may be requested by GST officers, and the document should be notarized. The consent letter can, however, be uploaded without printing it at all. GST officers can explicitly request a stamp paper for the content letter. Taxpayers can get that done if they need to.

Let’s see the steps required to upload the letter on the GST portal:

Step 1

Go to the GST Portal. Take this route:

Services > Registration >New Registration

Step 2

Choose Consent in the form under nature of possession of premises. This is to be done when the premises are either leased or if the premises belong to a relative of the taxpayer.

In case the premises are owned by the taxpayer, then the consent letter must be signed by the taxpayer. 

Step 3

The taxpayer can not upload the PDF or the JPEG file of the letter. They must note that the file size must be within 1MB.

Let's take a look at the format of the consent letter:

CONSENT LETTER OR NOC (No Objection Certificate)


The undersigned certifies that I …………….(Name of the owner), the owner of the property…………….. (Principal address) have permitted …………………………. (Name of the Proprietor) for conducting their business operations from the ADDRESS MENTIONED ABOVE.


I also declare that I have no objection if ....................... (Name of the proprietor) utilizes the said address for mailing purposes.


It is a No objection certificate issued for GST registration.

Owner of the property



……………………………. (Name of the owner)

Place: …….……….

Date: …………….                        

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The taxpayer or the person registering for the GST  must submit the consent letter,. However, there may be times when they may forget to do so. In such situations, they shall receive an intimation from the GST officer through mail or call. They must then remember to submit the duly-signed consent letter without fail.

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Key Takeaways

Any business that wants to register itself under GST must present or upload a proof of address of operation while registering.

  • If the premises are leased, then a signed consent letter must be obtained from the landlord or the owner of the premises. The same should then be uploaded at the time of registration.
  • If the place is owned by the business owner, then the consent letter must be signed by him and then uploaded on the GST portal while registering.
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