Digitization of HR

Digitization of HR

Anuj Agarwal
Anuj Agarwal
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

HR function needs to be digitized to keep up with the overall digitization of the company. The main focus shifts from cost-cutting to making sure efficiency within the administration.

HR function needs to be digitized to keep up with the overall digitization of the company. The main focus shifts from cost-cutting to making sure efficiency within the administration. Identifying the worldwide and internal talent within the organization and ensuring that they're effectively employed is that the responsibility of a revamped HR function.

The manual labour-intensive processes are affecting the productivity of SMEs and spending many days in getting an easy task to complete. as an example, the method to urge the attendance list and spending days in looking for the payroll calculation. By transforming the HR process will enable them to urge done more works with the identical amount of your time spent. this may eventually help to boost the Organization's productivity and streamline the entire process.

Payroll became complex and challenging, with lots of moving parts combined with plenty more people to pay. The burden on payroll professionals has increased and assistance within the style of digitization is required. a scarcity of standardized data and cumbersome manual processes resulted in everything taking longer to process and vulnerable to errors.

Any payroll mistakes not only have financial cost to your company, but they even have a more critical impact that won't easily calculated and not everyone might fully aware of: the impact they will cause to your employees. Furthermore, having many payroll errors might cause you to lose your best talents. Keeping an honest talent isn't always easy for companies and a heavy mistake can make it even harder to retain employees. in concert of the touchpoints between employers and employees, payroll plays a major role in retaining your employee. Because when salary doesn't go smoothly, within the future it can bring down the trust your employees have in your company.

The workforce is changing. Not only is it becoming more diverse, but employers are opting to rent more remote, part-time, or freelance workers. The way to manage projects, communicate, and grow culturally is additionally shifting as the organizations are changing. Technology is becoming more and more essential in ensuring teams can do their work efficiently.

Digitalization serves multiple value-added purposes:

  1. Quick Process
  2. Less Manpower
  3. Time Efficient
  4. Reduced paper-work
  5. Cost-effective
  6. Transparency
  7. Accessible from anywhere

Deskera cloud-based system can facilitate your reduce human errors that may occur during the manual process of maintaining and processing the payroll records on excel or pen & paper. it'll automate the whole process ensue attendance, leave management, and eventually processing the payroll in one integrated solution. The system also stays up thus far with compliance regulations and records and back-up payroll data on the cloud for straightforward access from anywhere across the world. So using Deskera cloud-based solution can facilitate your with the subsequent features:

Configure Payroll Components

Highly flexible and configurable set of rules allow you to configure any type of payroll component, such as earnings types like basic, HRA and more, as well as multiple deduction and tax types

Create Payroll Templates

Deskera’s Payroll Management allows you to create a payroll template for each employee designation easily using predefined payroll components such as earnings, deductions and tax types.

Assign Payroll components or templates

Assigning a predefined payroll template or components to an employee based on any criteria is a piece of cake with Deskera’s Payroll Management.

Generate Payroll

Deskera’s Payroll Management allows you to generate payroll for your employees based on their designation and corresponding pay slips for sending to your employees.

View Payroll Reports

Deskera’s Payroll Management provides you an interface for a complete overview of salary disbursements, including details such as earnings, deductions, taxes and more.

Employee Self Service

Deskera’s Payroll Management’s user friendly interface enables employees to view online pay slips, incorporating complete salary information, detailed pay history, payroll deductions, taxes and more.

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