Deskera CRM - Case SLA Management

Deskera CRM - Case SLA Management

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

These are exciting times. Our development team has come with a great new addition to the already long list of amazing features available in Deskera CRM. These features, a result of our customer-centric approach to development, will directly impact your business, making it better, easier, faster. Let’s take a look at the new enhancement – Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management for cases:

With this functionality, SLAs could be defined for responding to cases created, with escalation rules to ensure follow up and timely closure. This functionality makes Deskera CRM one of the most comprehensive, most feature-rich, web-based CRM solution.

The SLAs can be defined and set up in the master configuration screen. Once they are set up, the SLAs could be assigned to any open case.

Email notifications would be send if the case is not closed on time. When cases are closed on time, email notification could be set up to inform about the appropriate outcome. This enables you to keep track of all customer queries and cases at all times and take appropriate action.

With this enhanced capability, Deskera CRM has moved from being primarily a sales and marketing CRM to one with extensive features for handling post sales customer contacts, and is part of the

Please let us know your thoughts and views on the new enhancements. You could visit for more information.

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