Deskera CRM - Better Campaign Management

Campaign Management Dec 05, 2011

Sometime ago, we had written about designing effective email campaigns. Today we will take a look at how we can use Deskera CRM to not only design and manage email campaigns, but also to track and manage all kind of campaigns.

Campaign Management is an important feature of Deskera CRM. It allows you to reach out to your audience, identify people who respond, and close business with them. Key advantages of Deskera CRM – Campaign Management include:

  • Easy to build and manage marketing campaigns.
  • Build targeted marketing campaigns that address each customer segment with the products and services they need.
  • Provides quick access to campaign status and updates.
  • Allows you to build campaigns and update prospective customers about new offers within no time.
  • Maintain easy-to-manage target lists for selective targeting of prospective customers.

The following videos demonstrate how Deskera makes your campaign management better, easier, faster.

Managing Campaigns

Manage Email Campaigns


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