Plan and manage materials, resources, machines and production schedules efficiently.

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Work Order Management

Automate work order task creation and assignment, track progress, and monitor completion with real-time updates. Monitor resources, costs and time associated with each work order for improved accuracy and efficiency.

Demand Forecasting

Anticipate future customer demand and optimize inventory levels. Accurately predict customer needs and maximize supply chain efficiency. Generate more accurate sales forecasts and manage inventory levels more effectively.

Production Planning

Create production plans with ease. Assign resources, set schedules and deadlines, and manage your entire process in one place. Track production costs and optimize efficiency with comprehensive analytics.

WIP Tracking

Track work-in-progress (WIP) with ease, monitor production progress and identify bottlenecks quickly with effective resources and materials tracking functionalities. Generate real-time reports to analyze estimate WIP levels.

Multi Level Bill of Materials

Manage product structures with ease using Multi Level Bill of Materials. Assign multiple components to a single product. Identify components and subcomponents of each product and easily track their usage, movement, and costs.

By-product and Scrap Management

Keep track of the production of by-products and scraps with their associated costs and profits, and ensure that they are correctly accounted for in inventory. Monitor and track their use in production processes, or their sale as a finished product.

Machine Management

Easily monitor and optimize performance, improve maintenance scheduling, and automate data collection across machines. Gain visibility into operations, reduce unnecessary downtime, and increase productivity.

Material Requirement Planning

Plan and manage materials and inventory for production. Keep track of materials and components needed for production, track stock levels, plan orders, and optimize purchasing and production processes

Contract Manufacturing

Automate the planning, scheduling, and tracking of outsourced production with integrated tools. Easily monitor the costs and progress of contract manufacturing jobs. Gain comprehensive visibility of the entire process from supplier selection to order fulfillment.

Yield Calculation and Finished Good Costing

Calculate yields and costs of finished goods with ease. Automatically capture production costs and analyze product profitability. Generate reports that can be used to assess price competitiveness.

Production Reports

Generate comprehensive production reports to monitor the cost, efficiency and profitability of production operations. Track production processes, gain insight into process bottlenecks, and identify cost-saving opportunities.

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