Yield Calculation and Finished Good Costing

Calculate yields and costs of finished goods with ease. Automatically capture production costs and analyze product profitability. Generate reports that can be used to assess price competitiveness.

Obtain the exact cost of producing the finished product. Track the exact costs of the raw material used, the labor costs involved, and the overhead costs such as depreciation, taxes and insurance. Monitor production cycle, analyze results and adjust manufacturing process to ensure maximum efficiency. Compare the cost of producing goods in various locations and make informed decisions about where to invest for maximum profit. Calculate the yield from a given batch of raw materials to determine the cost and quantity of output. Analyze the cost of labor, overhead and materials to accurately measure the cost and value of each process.

Managers get a comprehensive view of the costs associated with producing goods, such as raw materials, labor, overhead, and other expenses. This information helps them identify areas of waste and better understand the cost associated with producing a particular item.

Gain an accurate and comprehensive view of raw material costs across the entire enterprise. Make informed decisions on where to source materials from, and optimize stock levels to better control costs.

Key Features of Finished Good Costing
with Deskera ERP.

Establish Yield Calculation Process

Track and analyze the amount of product yield per unit of input to accurately calculate finished good cost

Configure Finished Good Costing

Set up and configure cost elements to accurately calculate the cost of each finished good item

Monitor Raw Material Costs

Monitor raw material cost to update finished good cost in the system

Automate Production Costing

Automate the production costing process to quickly and accurately calculate finished good cost

Analyze Product Yields

Analyze product yield data to identify trends and inefficiencies in the production process

Track Finished Good Costs

Track finished good costs to ensure accurate pricing and profitability

Generate Costing Reports

Generate periodical reports detailing the costing of each finished good item

Implement Budget Controls

Implement budget controls to ensure that finished good costs remain within the budget

Monitor Overhead Costs

Monitor overhead costs to ensure accurate pricing and profitability of finished good items

Analyze Costing Trends

Analyze costing trends to identify areas of improvement in the production process

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Deskera Yield Calculation and Finished Good Costing