Easy-to-use accounting software for small business owners, bookkeepers and accountants.

Deskera ERP's Financial Management helps you tackle the complexities of managing your finances. With Role Based Access Control, you can set up who can access what information and features. You can classify your data with Classes and Locations and Custom Fields. With Budgeting & Forecasting, Deskera enables you to set your targets and plan for the future.
Automations make it easier to record, monitor and analyze data, while Bank Reconciliation automates your bank reconciliation process. Multi-Entity Consolidation allows you to view, analyze and report on multiple entities in one dashboard. Approval Workflows help you keep track of financial approvals and Financial Reports enable you to quickly generate financial statements. With Deskera, you can take control of your finances.

Secure Access

Set user-level permissions to restrict access to sensitive data.

Detailed Profiles

Create custom profiles and assign access based on departments and roles.


Easily customize user profiles and access levels.

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Key Features of Financial Management
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Find the right fit for your business

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