Expense Allocation

Automate and simplify your financial management by flexibly allocating costs, enhancing accuracy, and streamlining operations. Empower your team with tailored alerts and reports for proactive strategic planning and expense oversight.

Enhance financial management by flexibly distributing costs across projects, departments, or cost centers for better financial accuracy and budget management. Automating the allocation of fixed expenses, whether by percentage or specific amounts, simplifies tracking and scheduling, improving operational transparency and aiding in rigorous expense oversight and strategic planning. Streamlined alerts and reporting mechanisms increase efficiency and encourage proactive team action.

Allocate expenses accurately across departments, locations, and custom segments based on specific criteria

Define complex allocation rules, including tiered or weighted allocations, to match business requirements

Generate detailed reports showcasing expense distribution for transparency and informed decision-making

Key Features of Expense Allocation
with Deskera ERP.

Automated Allocation Schedules

Simplifies the distribution of incurred expenses across departments, locations, classes, and custom segments through automation, minimizing the need for manual journal entries and improving operational efficiency.

Multi-Account and Dimensional Allocation

Enables allocation of expenses from one or multiple accounts to specific departments, classes, or locations within expense accounts, catering to complex organizational needs and enhancing expense management.

Integration with Multi-Book Accounting

Works seamlessly with Deskera's Multi-Book Accounting feature, allowing the setup of expense allocation schedules for primary and secondary accounting books, ensuring cohesive financial management across all books.

Customizable Allocation Preferences

Offers the ability to allocate expenses into various segments, departments, classes, and locations, either as a percentage or absolute values, providing flexibility and precision in financial reporting.

Automated Journal Entry Creation

Automates the generation of journal entries from allocation schedules, ensuring expenses are accurately allocated to the appropriate accounts, streamlining the accounting process, and ensuring the accuracy of financial statements.

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Deskera Expense Allocation