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Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance

Deskera ERP helps businesses to meet their tax obligations with their regional regulatory bodies. The easy-to-use accounting software helps companies in hassle-free and accurate tax filing. Deskera ERP enables users to check, edit and select the applicable tax type for every purchase and sales transactions. By using Deskera ERP Software, companies can easily manage their periodic audit processes and prepare all accounting records in accordance with mandatory financial reporting standards. Deskera statutory compliance feature helps customers make their tax submissions accurate and easier for governments in Singapore, Malaysia and India by adhering to applicable accounting standards.

Statutory Compliance – Singapore

Deskera ERP enables companies in Singapore meet all mandatory filing requirements as prescribed by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). The Deskera ERP software is compliant with the requirements set out in the e-Tax Guide by Singapore Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). We help businesses of all sizes to submit their GST and other taxes to IRAS with ease and accuracy. With Through Deskera ERP companies can share their purchase, supply and GL transaction details with IRAS on time to meet their periodic audits by IRAS. Users can also generate tax invoices and credit/debit notes as per IRAS guidelines.

Statutory Compliance – Malaysia

Deskera ERP software is approved by Royal Malaysian Custom Department (RMCD). It covers all the aspects related to GST as recommended by the RMCD. Deskera ERP solution ensures companies make their GST and tax submission to RMCD hassle-free and accurate. Our ERP solution enables the companies record and report all input and output GST, helps them to claim back GST on invoices, and create GST audit file. Deskera ERP helps companies prepare their tax invoice (output tax), record tax on purchases (input tax) and produce GST tax return. Our interactive software enables companies generate GST summary and a detailed report on tax filing. Various modules cover all the regulatory rules set by the RMCD such as bad debt adjustment, 21 days rule, import of goods, advances, GST on self-billing, generation of GST-03 and capital goods adjustment.

Statutory Compliance – India

Deskera ERP helps companies make their tax submissions to the Indian government, both at the state and central level, easy and accurate. Our ERP is compliant with all statutory regulations under Indian Accounting Standards (Ind As). Our solution helps companies adopt inventory valuation method as mandated under the Indian GAAP as well as by the IFRS. Deskera ERP enables companies meet all requirements for indirect taxes such as service tax, VAT, excise and CST by enabling users with the ability to check, edit and select the correct tax structure for every purchase, supply and sales transaction. With the new indirect taxation regime GST is expected to be rollout in April next year, Deskera ERP is ready to cater to all GST needs. The proposed GST will subsume a large number of indirect taxes consisting of central indirect taxes including excise duty, Countervailing Duty (CVD) and service tax, and different state levies including VAT, sales tax, octroi, state cesses and surcharges and entry tax. When the GST is implemented across the nation, our ERP software will help organizations of all sizes migrate to the new tax regime seamlessly by capturing all data related to these indirect taxes. Deskera ERP ensures that all legacy data present with enterprises across a range of industries are easily transferred to the GST structure.

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At GoDo, we understand that managing our finances and customer relationships is essential for our success. Deskera has provided us with an easy to use and intuitive platform that has enabled us to access our financial data, track customer relationships, and manage our finances with ease. We have been able to streamline our processes, better manage our finances, and stay on top of our customer relationships. We highly recommend Deskera to any business that is looking to stay organized and efficient.

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