Run your marketing campaigns better with Deskera CRM

Run your marketing campaigns better with Deskera CRM

Sujata Upadhyay
Sujata Upadhyay
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

How do you feel when you are bombarded with irrelevant promotional messages on your mobile phones or your emails? Isn’t it annoying to see your inbox flooded with the messages that are completely irrelevant to you.

Today, every organization is into the marketing business and most of the messaging goes unnoticed. Hence, it is imperative that we design our campaign with a highly individualized marketing approach to stand out from the rest. In the era of Big Data and AI, these campaigns should be mainly driven by data and technology. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is that modern technology that can help you enhance your business productivity. The aim of campaigns is to achieve closed-loop reporting, which helps in better campaign management. You can capture campaign details, the targeted audience, the leads and contacts that have responded, and the converted opportunities/leads/contacts lists. Campaigns can be used as a direct mail program, for seminars, printing advertisement, emailing, and other marketing initiatives. You can run email marketing campaigns and monitor the effectiveness of these campaigns real time.

Deskera CRM app helps you in effective campaign management. Some of the features are listed below:

  1. Comprehensive Campaign Details: View and manage comprehensive campaign details like the campaign’s objective, status, type, expected responses, cost of campaign, campaign start date and end date.
  2. E-mail Marketing: Create target lists for your campaigns by importing prospective customers from your leads, contacts, and accounts, or quickly adding them as your target contacts.
  3. Email Click Tracking: Monitor CRM campaigns in real time to know which links were clicked by which prospect.
  4. Add Documents: Add/update documents for each campaign and maintain a central repository of documents for all your marketing campaigns to help you organize and gyrate your sales force.
  5. Export Campaigns: Export your campaign list in multiple file formats like .pdf, .csv and more. You can even customize the format of the files by defining templates before exporting them.


Deskera’s CRM app is designed for any device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop. It provides us a single view of the customers with real-time information right from lead qualification to promotional campaigns. It’s email feature provides a single messaging system for each Deskera user, with an efficient and easy-to- use client interface, that can be used to send messages to anyone in our network. Designed for seamless and improved communication, the tool helps in better decision making and ensuring effective sales management.

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