Discussion Forums and Messaging in Deskera Project Management

Discussion Forums and Messaging in Deskera Project Management

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

In line with our philosophy of importance of collaboration in project management, we’ve included powerful communication tools such as Discussion Forums and Personal Messages.

Discussion Forums

  1. Dedicated discussion forums for each project
  2. Threaded discussion forums for efficient organization of communication
  3. Flag discussions based on importance
  4. Preview of discussion posts on a single click
  5. Search-as-you-type capability for quick retrieval
  6. Discussion Moderation capabilities can be granted to users
  7. Rich Text Editing Capabilities
  8. Single source of truth for all project communications. Handover’s a breeze.

Personal Messages

  1. Single Messaging System across projects for each user.
  2. E-mail like functionality – efficient and easy to use.
  3. Send messages to anyone in your network
  4. Folder Management Capabilities – Inbox/Outbox/Drafts/Custom Folders
  5. Get system generated notifications straight to your inbox as well – Connection Requests, Upcoming Events, Project Updates, etc.
  6. Search-as-you-type within Messages by Subject, Author, etc.
  7. Preview messages on a single click

We hope that these tools make it easier for you collaborate on projects within a single application rather than disparate silos of project communication.

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