Deskera’s ERP solution is available on NTP’s VAS listing

Deskera’s ERP solution is available on NTP’s VAS listing

Shikha Samant
Shikha Samant
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We are glad to announce that the cloud-based ERP solution provided by Deskera is now available on the NTP’s listing of Value-Added Services (VASes). It is one more step towards the company’s mission of bringing digital transformation within the SME sector.

What is NTP?

The NTP is a one-stop trade info-ecosystem that provides the foundation for Singapore to be a leading trade, supply chain and trade financing hub. The NTP brings together players across the entire trade value chain onto a single platform. Supporting efforts in digitalisation, the NTP will enable businesses to securely share and reuse data and documents among their business partners and the Government. Traders, carriers, logistics providers, banks, and Government agencies transacting on the NTP will be able to reap productivity savings through increased data accuracy and transparency, and reduce compliance costs.

The NTP is spearheaded by Singapore Customs, and supported by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Economic Development Board, Enterprise Singapore, Government Technology Agency of Singapore, Infocomm Media Development Authority, Maritime and Port Authority, and Monetary Authority of Singapore. Competent Authorities, which regulate the import, export, or transshipment of specific goods, are also onboard the NTP.

Please refer to for more details.

Deskera’s Collaboration with NTP

As part of this collaboration, Deskera will develop a cloud-based ERP solution for SMEs, that will be available on the NTP’s VAS listing.

Consequently, businesses using Deskera’s ERP solution can automate generation and storage of information on the NTP platform directly through Deskera ERP. This establishment of a bridging connection to the NTP network allows for a seamless exchange of trade and logistics documentation and information between business partners.

Benefits of Deskera’s Collaboration with NTP

In a typical scenario, importers or exporters have to go through multiple documentation stages. The entire process involves various stakeholders – Singapore customs, banks, shipping companies, insurers and so on. Imagine having to manage 30-40 hardcopy documents throughout this supply chain. Since this entire process is lengthy, cumbersome, and inefficient, it takes a toll on the traders.

Here is when Deskera comes into the picture. With the integration of your Deskera ERP system with NTP, you can digitize your entire documentation process. You can upload your documents using our Deskera ERP system right at the beginning, and everything is sorted. All the relevant parties can access the necessary documents through the repository. As and when the relevant stakeholders approve the documents, the enterprises will receive the approval notifications/ reports through the platform. Therefore, the digital connection between Deskera and NTP makes it easier for enterprises to submit the relevant documents for Trade and Customs clearance as well as generate business reports.

Additionally, enterprises can selectively and securely share this stored data with business partners and service providers for further processing and downstream use.

In a nutshell, here is what the Deskera’s collaboration with NTP has to offer:

  1. You can have access to established communities to retrieve or exchange digital trade-related information such as to apply for cargo insurance, trade financing, and make regulatory declarations
  2. You can share e-data with downstream trade partners, thus minimizing costly system integration and maintenance
  3. You can enable financial, purchase & sales, and inventory management functionalities to generate e-data
  4. You can extract data analytics and draw insights from them
  5. You can streamline your logistics and supply chain
  6. It helps you uplift your IT capabilities
  7. You can enhance your competitiveness within the industry, and optimize business operations
  8. You can increase your business productivity and manage your costs better due to the elimination of paper-based documentation

Deskera’s integrated ERP solution offers financial, purchasing, sales and inventory management functionalities amongst many others, and can seamlessly generate electronic data for trade purposes.


This initiative will help SMEs streamline their supply chain and logistical processes. As a result, enterprises can enhance their competitiveness within the industry, and optimize business operations.

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