Designing An Effective Email Campaign...

campaign Jul 29, 2011

Email campaigns are more popular than any other marketing campaign primarily because they:

  • Are easy to track
  • Reach Target Audience
  • Are Cost Effective

Recent studies show that more than 2 billion people use email worldwide. That is nearly a quarter of the world population! It goes without saying then that it is important to have email campaigns as a part of an overall marketing strategy. Either in form of newsletters or promotional offers, emails provide a highly engaging form of communication.

Designing an effective email campaign though, is easier said than done. Unless the campaign is designed and tested properly, it would usually end up getting ignored by the target audience. Here we will take a look at a few things that need to be kept in mind while designing an effective email campaign.


Segment your target lists. Without proper segmentation, the true effectiveness of an email campaign would be almost impossible to determine. You would not want to send a Windows user an email about promotional offers on Unix software, would you? Be Relevant!

Always provide Call To Action (CTA)

This cannot be emphasized enough. The CTA could be following a link to the landing page or a reply or clicking on a “Like” button for the Facebook fan page. Get the target to go on to your website. Provide them something of value which will entice them, like a whitepaper, or a podcast, or free coupons.

Never SPAM!

Respect your audience and do not try to spam. Not only will it lead to brand value erosion, it can attract legal and financial penalties in certain countries. e.g. CAN SPAM Act 2003

Track Results through KPIs

Have well defined metrics to track results of email campaigns. Depending on the industry, it could be emails opened% or click-thru rates, delivery success rates etc. Think about what you want to measure and revise with time based on data.

Integrate with CRM

Use a CRM that allows for direct integration with the email campaign. Not only should it capture leads based on pre-defined rules (e.g. download link followed) but also track leads that visit the website. This is without doubt the most important factor to keep in mind. If this is not done then there would be a disconnect between sales and marketing.

The above guidelines would result in a superior email campaign design. Through collection of useful and actionable data, iterations could be made to newer campaigns and they could be fine-tuned.

Deskera CRM provides an inbuilt Campaign Management System which provides complete integration. Leads from target lists could be captured as prospects by the CRM with the appropriate settings. It also tracks all the key metrics like opened% and click-thru rates etc.

To see for yourselves as to how email campaigns can be used, visit Deskera CRM and sign up for the demo.


In the "non-abstract mathematics" world, the line between a bad theory and a good theory is drawn by validation through experiments.

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