5 Top Tips to Help Simplify Document Management

5 Top Tips to Help Simplify Document Management

Chris Mayo-Smith
Chris Mayo-Smith
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Document Management helps in tracking, storing and managing documents as well as providing a paperless and eco-friendly corporate environment. It helps define the entire process of document creation, versioning and expiration.

A document management software can solve problems associated with the chaos of multiple departments working on one document such as problems with version control and complicated file sharing methods.

Cloud-based document management is the best supporting technology for perfect document management process. It offers some basic functionalities for document management by imposing control and easy management capabilities. With increasing amount of information day by day, document management has included content management inside its boundary for making things easier than before.

Here are few ways cloud document management tools can help a company do business more efficiently and effectively.

1. Document Repository

Every department has their own process to keep records of various processes, work and project progress, and employee profiles. Manually, it is difficult to create a document repository with all possible categories like name, size, type, date, permission, status, author, etc. But a document management software allows easy arrangement of multiple documents for any team and any category.

2. Search and Share Features

Sometimes, organizations end up inside complex piles of files and data due to heavy documentation process. Searching the right file within few seconds is simpler with a document management software. It allows authorized persons to search files just by submitting file names, document content, tags, and full text search. Permission based sharing of documents allows every employee to get involved in the project by ensuring secure collaboration and information distribution.Besides, you can use document comparison software to review the various documents faster and with more accuracy.

3. Tagging Capabilities

Tagging helps people to get a quick notification about a file with a one-click access to it. It’s an easy, organized way to assign parts of documents to specific employees and alert them that their input is needed. You can also add context to documents to provide users a brief note about the document and create digital folders for storage and retrieval.

4. Lifecycle Management

Every document has a lifestyle starting from creation to finalization and in between these two phases there are many other sub stages like editing, versioning and archiving. A document management software ensures these processes are followed well without any hassle and manages a single repository to make managing job and file retrieving easy.

5. One-Click Previews

With document management software that offer one-click previews, employees don’t need to download any document to read it. The preview feature offers a simple, quicker review process for documents needing multiple approvals.


Document management software vary in scopes and sizes starting from small to large-scale enterprise configurations. It is important to make sure you choose what’s right for your business, and have convenient features like the capabilities discussed above. Reach out to us directly for more information and ask us for a demo on Deskera’s Document Management software.

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