Deskera Workflow

Manual tasks to automated workflows. In minutes.

Define triggers, create rules, and configure workflows for your business processes. Automate repetitive tasks so you and your team can focus on what matters most. You can have a new workflow up and running in minutes with Deskera Flow.

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Automate Accounting, Marketing, CRM and Payroll Tasks
Deskera has built-in automation for multiple tasks that will make your life easy. You can also define your own workflows that connect business processes across sales, purchase, accounting, banking, expenses, CRM and payroll.
Create your own custom workflows
Add triggers, define actions and configure the workflow to mirror your business process. You have complete control. Create complex email broadcasts or nuanced drip marketing campaigns with Deskera in a few clicks.
Send invoices automatically
Configure recurring invoices and schedule them to be sent automatically on specific dates to your customers with the payment link. All payments are updated automatically and accounting records updated when the payment is made.
Setup payment reminders
Reduce late payments by setting up auto-reminders for outstanding and due invoices to your customers. Just set the rules and Deskera will follow up for you on. And as soon as the payment is recorded, the follow-ups stop.
Create expenses and deposits automatically
Adding bank transactions manually is a thing of the past with Deskera. Just setup the rules, and Deskera will fetch the bank transactions from your bank and create transactions the way you like. All without you lifting a finger.
Create dynamic contact segments
Create rules on any parameter you track to auto-segment your contact lists, mailing lists and leads. Any future contacts will be automatically moved to the desired segment if they meet the criteria. Don't spend another minute arranging your lists needlessly.

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