Stock Transfer and Adjustments

Easily manage stock transfers and stock adjustments between warehouses and locations with a single click. Monitor inventory levels in real-time and track them across multiple warehouses.

Easily transfer stock between warehouses and adjust stock levels to maintain the accuracy of inventory records. Track stock transfers between warehouses and view in-depth history of all transfer activities for greater visibility. Get real-time updates on stock transfers and stock adjustments for better decision-making. Seamlessly adjust stock levels directly from your warehouse management software. Ensure stock accuracy within your warehouses with automated stock adjustments. Automatically generate reports to quickly analyze stock transfers and stock adjustments.

Warehouse managers can use Stock Transfer to easily transfer stock between multiple warehouses, enabling them to take advantage of regional sales opportunities or to meet customer demand. Stock Adjustment enables managers to quickly adjust stock levels in the system, allowing them to account for discrepancies in inventory levels.

Gain real-time insights into stock levels to ensure accurate inventory management.

Monitor stock movement with ease to ensure stock is always where it needs to be.

Automatically update stock levels with every transfer or adjustment.

Key Features of Stock Transfer and Adjustments
with Deskera ERP.

Record Stock Transfers

Capture details of stock transfers to track inventory movement between warehouses

Generate Stock Transfer Requests

Create and submit stock transfer requests with ease to expedite the transfer process

Monitor Stock Transfers

Track the progress of stock transfers and ensure timely delivery of products

Automate Stock Adjustment

Automatically adjust stock levels based on transfer requests and stock availability

Monitor Stock Levels

Monitor stock levels and ensure sufficient inventory to meet customer demand

Generate Stock Adjustment Reports

Generate reports to review stock adjustment transactions and track inventory movement

Automate Stock Replenishment

Automatically replenish stock levels based on demand and stock availability

Track Stock Adjustment History

Track the history of stock adjustments to identify trends and analyze performance

Generate Stock Adjustment Alerts

Generate alerts to notify warehouse staff of stock adjustments and ensure timely action

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Deskera Stock Transfer and Adjustments