Stock Request and Issue

Easily manage stock requests and stock issuance between departments with a single click. Manage permissions for inventory transfer efficiently and track them across multiple locations.

Easily request and issue stock between departments and warehouses to maintain accurate inventory records and ensure smooth operations. Track stock requests and view in-depth history of all issuance activities for greater visibility. Get real-time updates on stock requests and stock issuance for better decision-making. Seamlessly issue stock directly from your warehouse management software. Ensure stock accuracy within your organization with automated stock issuance based on approved requests. Automatically generate reports to quickly analyze stock requests and stock issuance.

Department managers can use Stock Request to easily request stock from warehouses, enabling them to meet production or customer demand in a timely manner. Stock Issuance enables warehouse managers to quickly issue stock to departments based on approved requests, allowing them to fulfill department needs while maintaining accurate inventory levels. The integrated process streamlines communication between departments and warehouses, reducing delays and ensuring that the right stock is available at the right time.

Easily generate and submit stock requests from departments to warehouses

Automate the stock issuance process based on approved requests

Maintain accurate inventory records with every stock movement

Key Features of Stock Request and Issue
with Deskera ERP.

Inventory Visibility

Provide real-time visibility into current inventory levels, including quantities, locations, and expiration dates.

Requisition Management

Allow authorized personnel to create and submit stock requisition requests, specifying required items, quantities, and delivery dates.

Approval Workflow

Support an approval workflow for stock requests, ensuring proper review and authorization before processing.

Stock Allocation and Reservation

Allocate and reserve requested items from available inventory once a stock request is approved.

Picking and Issuing

Provide functionality for efficiently picking and issuing requested stock items from storage locations.

Audit Trail and Reporting

Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of stock requests, approvals, issues, and related activities, enabling tracking and reporting.

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Deskera Stock Request and Issue