Work Order Management

Automate work order task creation and assignment, track progress, and monitor completion with real-time updates. Monitor resources, costs and time associated with each work order for improved accuracy and efficiency.

Automate the process of creating and managing work orders, streamline the manufacturing workflow and minimizing manual data entry. Keep track of personnel and projects with integrated time tracking and real-time updates. Easily assign tasks, monitor progress, and provide clear instructions to personnel. Automatically generate reports to evaluate performance and ensure that work orders are completed on time and within budget. Get the most out of your resources with features like multi-level approvals, customizable tracking fields, and automated notifications. Enjoy the convenience of centralized data and improved visibility into operations. Enhance data accuracy with integrated quality control and work order tracking. \n\nManagers can create and maintain work orders, assign them to workers, track the progress of each order, and manage the entire production process on one platform.

Maximize Efficiency

Increase Visibility

Improve Quality Control

Reduce Costs

Ensure the most efficient use of resources and time by managing the entire production process in one user-friendly system. Automate the entire workflow and increase accuracy while eliminating human error.

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Key Features of Work Order Management
with Deskera ERP.

Automate Work Order Creation
Create accurate work orders with ease and speed
Monitor Work Order Progress
Track and manage multiple orders effectively in real-time
Assign Resources to Work Orders
Assign personnel, materials, and equipment to work orders with flexibility
Manage Record Keeping
Easily store, access, and update all work order information
Generate Reports
Produce reports to analyze project performance and ensure completion
Set Deadlines
Establish and manage deadlines for work orders to ensure timely completion
Analyze Key Performance Indicators
Track key performance indicators to optimize work order management
Establish Quality Control
Implement strict quality control measures to ensure customer satisfaction
Track Inventory
Monitor inventory levels and reorder materials as needed
Maintain Compliance
Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations
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Deskera Work Order Management