Unlock Success with Deskera's All-in-One Business Solution

A comprehensive solution featuring AI and automation, real-time insights, agile workflows, robust security, streamlined processes, and optimized resource management.

How Deskera enables Excellence Across Roles


Unleash your leadership potential with Deskera's integrated suite, offering AI-driven insights that empower you to make informed decisions. Experience seamless automation, ensuring your focus remains on strategic initiatives, while scalable efficiency drives sustained growth.

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Elevate CFO strategies with Deskera's transformative approach, providing streamlined operations that enable real-time insights. Ensure compliance assurance through innovative automation and AI analytics, positioning your financial leadership for unprecedented success.

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Elevate your CIO experience with Deskera's optimal solution - a unified system streamlining IT infrastructure. Unlock actionable insights for strategic decision-making, enjoy agile workflows, enhanced collaboration, and robust security measures, all designed to fit your IT leadership aspirations.

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Seamlessly integrate operations with Deskera, where innovation meets financial aspirations. Harness AI-driven insights to enhance decision-making, fostering collaborative efficiency. Elevate your role as a controller and steer your organization towards financial excellence.

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Manufacturing and Operations

Deskera's ERP solution simplifies business operations with real-time insights, seamless coordination, and a user-friendly interface. It empowers leaders to make data-driven decisions, enhance efficiency, and achieve operational excellence across manufacturing, financial management, sales, and supply chain.

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Deskera's IT solution empowers leaders with advanced project management, real-time collaboration, and reporting features. It optimizes efficiency for digital transformation, incorporating workflow automation and AI-driven analytics for streamlined processes and efficient resource management in IT.

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Sales and Marketing

Deskera's sales and marketing solution enhances strategies, driving revenue with real-time insights, an intuitive interface, and mobile-friendly access. Empowering teams with data-driven decision-making and workflow optimization, it ensures business efficiency and sustained profitability, covering prospect tracking to revenue analysis.

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Connect e-commerce portals, point-of-sale devices, payment gateways, automation platforms,and shipment tracking tools with out-of-the-box integrations.

What our
Customers Say
About Us

Whatever your business size, Deskera enables you to simplify operations across business functions. Here's what our customers say about us.

Proinsias M

The UI and the UX is very good, the colours are nice and make me feel happy, even if I am doing boring stuff like accounts.

Chua L

Deskera is really simple to use with detailed documentation and has responsive support when needed. It is truly a set once and forget platform that already has, and will continue to make my life easier with regards to customer relationship management, accounting and employee payroll management.

Sylvia T

The interface is way more simple and fun to use than the big company ones, which is encouraging for someone like me who'd rather create and network but dreams of having a reliable system to connect all areas of the business.

David W

In a word - faultless

Kenton M

Currently with my other business I have multiple programs for invoicing, accounting, payroll, sales/CRM, and HR, but with Deskera it's all in one. I never could have imagined how convenient that would be.

Michael C

I really liked that you could start out in Deskera and as you grow, even to a really large size, you wouldn't need to look for a more powerful solution as you can remain within Deskera and keep growing inside of it."

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