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Create Custom Categories

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Extraordinary Usability

Simplified Roles & Privileges

Expense On the Go

Bringing Cutting Edge Technology To Scan Your Receipts


How can I manually record an expense?

Yes, you can click on create expense and fill all the mandatory details and submit. It’s that simple!

Should an expense always have a receipt attached to it?

No, you can always add an expense without the receipt but we would recommend attaching a receipt as our proprietary software takes the hassle of filling the expense manually.

How do I modify a submitted expense?

You can modify a submitted expense if the approver did not take any action on that expense, otherwise you will be unable to edit the expense.

How do I delete an expense?

You can just go to the Expense Grid via the Dashboard and choose the specific expense and delete it. You can learn more at Deleting an Expense.

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