Machine Management

Easily monitor and optimize performance, improve maintenance scheduling, and automate data collection across machines. Gain visibility into operations, reduce unnecessary downtime, and increase productivity.

Track and manage your machines’ location, utilization, maintenance, and service history. Monitor and control machine output with real-time visibility of production data. Automate preventive maintenance activities to avoid costly downtime. Create work orders to manage repairs and maintenance activities. Track inventory of spare parts and supplies to ensure availability. Monitor machine performance with comprehensive analytics and reports. Improve machine uptime and productivity with detailed analysis of trends. Managers can identify and monitor the performance of each machine, track the lifespan and maintenance of machines, plan maintenance and repair schedules, set up alerts and notifications for when machines need maintenance or repair, and track downtime and production losses due to machine breakdowns.

Optimize Profitability

Improve Quality

Reduce Risk

Maximize Efficiency

Establish comprehensive reporting on machine performance to identify areas of improvement.

Analyze data to identify trends in machine use and costs for better decision-making.

Utilize predictive analytics to anticipate future machine performance and maintenance needs.

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Key Features of Machine Management
with Deskera ERP.

Automate Machine Management
Increase accuracy and reduce errors in your machine management operations with automated processes
Improve Machine Visibility
Gain full visibility into the status of machines across your organization with real-time reporting
Enhance Machine Performance
Optimize machine performance with enhanced performance monitoring and analytics
Monitor Machine Health
Monitor the health of machines and their parts with automated health checks
Track Machine Maintenance
Track scheduled and unscheduled maintenance with detailed and up-to-date records
Manage Machine Inventory
Keep track of the inventory of machines and their parts with accurate and timely data
Generate Machine Reports
Generate reports on the performance, health, and maintenance of machines with ease
Optimize Machine Resources
Optimize the usage of machines and their parts to improve efficiency and reduce costs
Schedule Machine Repairs
Schedule repairs for machines quickly and easily with advanced scheduling capabilities
Integrate Machine Data
Integrate machine data across different departments for improved data insights
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Deskera Machine Management