Lot, Batch, and Serial Tracking

Easily identify and trace specific items with custom lot, batch, and serial numbers. Quickly locate current and past inventory details with real-time visibility. Streamline inventory processes and maximize efficiency.

Track inventory in an efficient and reliable way with Deskera ERP's lot, batch and serial tracking feature. Easily monitor stock levels, trace components and manage expiry dates. Get detailed insights into stock movements, product locations, and inventory costs. Enjoy effortless integration with existing systems, and easy access to data with real-time updates. Help workers quickly determine which products need to be restocked or replaced, and helps them plan and manage inventory more efficiently.

Track lot, batch, and serial numbers in Deskera ERP to reduce costs associated with inventory tracking and management. Streamline processes related to ordering, shipping, and receiving to eliminate manual data entry. Optimize inventory accuracy and control stock levels more precisely.

Key Features of Lot, Batch, and Serial Tracking
with Deskera ERP.

Track Lot Numbers

Monitor the production and supply of each lot to ensure the most efficient use of resources

Manage Batch Details

Control the quality of product batches and accurately track inventory levels

Monitor Serial Numbers

Keep track of all serial numbers to ensure their accuracy and traceability

Streamline Production Processes

Automate the production process and track multiple lots, batches, and serial numbers in real time

Automated Alerts

Receive notifications when inventory is low or when lot and batch numbers don't match

Automated Reporting

Generate reports to analyze lot, batch, and serial numbers and make informed decisions

Quality Assurance

Ensure the quality of inventory with automated quality checks and track product performance

Data Security

Securely store lot, batch, and serial numbers to protect sensitive information

Reduce Errors

Minimize errors and discrepancies through automated processes and accurate tracking

Enhanced Traceability

Enhance traceability and quickly identify the source of any lot, batch, or serial number

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Deskera Lot, Batch, and Serial Tracking