Inventory Automations

Easily manage stock levels across multiple warehouses and locations, control prices and product availability, and receive real-time inventory updates across all sales and purchase channels. Take the effort out of inventory management and ensure accurate stock levels.

Manage your inventory more efficiently, automate inventory tracking and stock level updates, simplify and streamline your inventory processes, and reduce manual errors with an easy-to-use interface. Track stock levels in real-time, assign stock to orders, and track expiry dates. Generate real-time reports and view complete inventory information with a few clicks. Automate data entry, save time and stay organized.

Inventory Automations can be used by warehouse managers to streamline their inventory management processes. They can automate critical inventory processes such as ordering, receiving and tracking of inventory, create a library of frequently used items and automatically generate purchase orders when the inventory levels drop below the predetermined threshold. They can also implement barcode scanning and RFID scanning to keep track of the inventory in real-time, view the entire inventory cycle at a glance, and set up alerts for any unusual inventory movements, such as an overstock, or a sudden drop in stock level.

Streamline Inventory Management

Improve Forecasting

Optimize Supply Chain Operations

Reduce Cycle Time

Automate inventory updates to keep track of stock levels. Ensure inventory accuracy with automatic and alerts. Reduce manual errors and inefficiencies with automatic data entry.

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Key Features of Inventory Automations
with Deskera ERP.

Automate Inventory Tracking
Track inventory in real-time and ensure accurate stock levels are maintained
Streamline Stock Management
Automatically manage stock movements, minimize stock issues and reduce errors
Enhance Warehouse Operations
Automatically plan warehouse operations, optimize space utilization, and improve order fulfillment processes
Reduce Procurement Costs
Automate purchasing processes and get the best prices from suppliers
Increase Accuracy of Data
Automatically capture data in real-time to ensure accuracy in inventory records
Optimize Inventory Levels
Automatically adjust inventory levels based on demand and customer orders
Improve Stock Visibility
Automatically track stock movements across multiple locations and warehouses
Automate Replenishment Alerts
Set up notifications to alert when stock is low and needs to be replenished
Automate Inventory Reordering
Automatically create purchase orders when stock levels fall below pre-set thresholds
Automate Order Fulfillment Processes
Automate order processes from start to finish to ensure orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately
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Deskera Inventory Automation