Cycle Count and Stock Adjustments

Easily keep track of inventory levels. Schedule count cycles for specific items or locations and adjust stock levels with the click of a button. Quickly identify discrepancies and make corrections to ensure accurate inventory records.

Manage inventory accurately and efficiently, save time by automating the process, and access real-time inventory data. Streamline inventory management with automated data entry, cycle counting, and stock adjustments. Keep track of all inventory movements, stock adjustments, and cycle count results in one place. Get the visibility you need to ensure your inventory is accurate and up to date.

Factory and Warehouse workers can easily compare actual inventory levels with recorded data, quickly identify any discrepancies, and adjust stock values to reflect the true amount of inventory on hand.

Conduct regular cycle counts to identify discrepancies in your inventory levels. Keep track of stock adjustments to maintain a current and accurate understanding of your inventory. Accurate inventory information helps you make informed business decisions and avoids costly errors.

Key Features of Cycle Count and Stock Adjustments
with Deskera ERP.

Establish Cycle Count Schedule

Create a set schedule for cycle counts to ensure accurate inventory records

Generate Cycle Count Sheets

Generate sheets for physical inventory counts with defined products and quantities

Execute Cycle Counts

Execute physical inventory counts in accordance with the established schedule

Record Cycle Count Results

Input and record the results of the physical inventory count

Compare Cycle Count Results

Compare the physical inventory count results with the system records

Adjust Stock Levels

Adjust the system records to reflect the physical inventory count

Reconcile Stock Variance

Reconcile any differences between the physical inventory and system records

Monitor Stock Levels

Monitor the accuracy of the system records and adjust as needed

Investigate Stock Discrepancies

Investigate and address discrepancies between the physical inventory count and system records

Document Stock Adjustments

Document all stock adjustments to ensure accuracy and traceability

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Deskera Cycle Count and Stock Adjustments