Recruitment Management

Easily manage your recruitment process from start to finish with automated features such as job postings, candidate tracking, and onboarding. Create a database of qualified candidates to quickly source and match the right candidate for the job.

Automate the tedious task of sifting through applications and organize the recruitment process with powerful recruitment tools. Manage job openings, post jobs on job boards, organize applicants, and make the best hires. Use screening tools to select the right fit, schedule interviews, and track recruitment progress.

Automate job postings and receive applications quickly.

Screen and track candidates more efficiently.

Reduce time spent on manual recruitment processes.

Key Features of Recruitment Management
with Deskera ERP.

Streamline Recruitment

Automate the recruitment process, reduce paperwork and increase efficiency

Create Job Openings

Easily create job postings and customize them to suit organization needs

Manage Applications

Track, review and respond to applications quickly and easily

Shortlist Candidates

Automate the shortlisting process and save time

Schedule Interviews

Automatically schedule interviews and manage the calendar

Automate Assessments

Evaluate candidate skills and qualifications more accurately

Track Offer Status

Monitor progress of offer letters and ensure timely delivery

Manage Onboarding

Automate onboarding processes and ensure compliance

Analyze Hiring Trends

Track and analyze recruitment metrics for better insights

Customize Reports

Generate detailed reports to monitor hiring performance

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Deskera Recruitment Management