Multi Entity Consolidation

Easily consolidate multiple entities into one centralized system for enhanced visibility and control. Streamline financials and operations across multiple entities, quickly and accurately process transactions, and improve decision-making with real-time insights.

Simplify your consolidation process with a single platform that lets you manage multiple entities with ease. Easily merge financial information from different entities, such as multiple subsidiaries, branches, and divisions, into one single report. Automate your consolidation process with automated consolidation rules and custom reports. Save time and effort by eliminating manual processes and data consolidation.

Quickly access consolidated financial information with a single click of a button. Create custom reports with a wide range of report types, such as balance sheets, income statements, and other financial statements. Automatically generate and update reports with the latest information from all connected entities.

With Multi Entity Consolidation, finance teams can easily track and manage the financial performance of each entity, quickly identify any discrepancies between the entities, and generate consolidated financial statements in just a few clicks, eliminating the need for manual consolidation processes.

Ensure accurate and timely financial reporting across multiple entities.

Automate processes to reduce time and effort needed to manage multiple entities.

Gain greater visibility and control of financial performance across the enterprise.

Key Features of Multi Entity Consolidation
with Deskera ERP.

Automate Multi-Entity Consolidation

Automatically update information from multiple entities and secure data synchronization

Global Consolidation

Easily consolidate financial information from subsidiaries in different countries and currencies

Accurate Financial Reporting

Generate accurate and timely financial statements for multiple entities with a single click

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Track and manage finances across multiple entities and ensure data accuracy

Reduce Time-Consuming Processes

Automate tedious processes associated with multi-entity consolidation and reduce time-consuming tasks

Improve Data Visibility

Gain deeper insights into financial performance across multiple entities and better understand the overall performance of the business

Increase Productivity

Use streamlined processes and automated tools to increase productivity and reduce manual errors

Identify Risk Areas

Quickly identify and address areas of risk with real-time insights into financial performance and trends across multiple entities

Maximize Performance

Monitor performance across multiple entities and make informed decisions that maximize overall performance

Intercompany Elimination

Eliminate internal transactions between subsidiaries to present the consolidated financial statements as a single economic entity with only third-party transactions.

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Deskera Multi Entity Consolidation