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Meet all tax obligations with Deskera ERP

Deskera ERP is Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) approved accounting software which helps companies meet all IRAS’ technical requirements set out in the e-Tax Guide. The accounting software facilitates companies meet all tax filing requirements ranging from tax invoice generation to the generation of IAF file as mandated by the IRAS. Using Deskera ERP, businesses can file accurate GST returns for their transactions via e-filing in a timely manner and they can avoid any penalty for late filing of taxes.

GST Compliant ERP System with Tax Invoice Generation Features

Generate Tax Invoices

Deskera ERP help users generate accurate and simplified tax invoices for all standard-rated supplies. Users can create credit/debit notes with ease and can generate customized invoices depending on the company profile. The generated tax invoice helps users in obtaining input tax claims and in streamlining the process of filing GST returns. This makes preparing and monitoring of GST returns hassle-free.

IRAS Compliant ERP System with IAF Generation Features

Produce IAF (IRAS Audit File)

Deskera ERP allows users to generate the IAF required for submission, in the format as mandated by the IRAS. The IAF contains all the necessary information required by the IRAS to conduct periodic audits of GST accounts and ensure that all compliance requirements are met. Deskera ERP facilitates the users to generate the IAF which corresponds to the correct GST Tax codes as required by IRAS. The ERP solution helps the users to e-file your GST F5, GST F7, GST8 correctly and with ease.

Statutory Compliant ERP Software with Statutory Document Repository
ERP Software with Corporate Tax Filing Compliance

Meet Corporate Tax Filing Requirement

Companies can easily meet all requirements for filing of corporate taxes as mandated by Financial Reporting Standards of Singapore with the help of Deskera ERP. Using the ERP software, companies can file all financial statements and ensure that all statutory tax filings and other requirements for personal and corporate tax compliance are timely meet. This facilitates companies in proper auditing of their accounts.

ERP System to Keep Track of Tax Benefits from DTAs

Receive Tax Benefits

Depending on the nature of business and company’s residence status, companies can receive tax benefits every year in accordance with IRAS by using Deskera ERP. The intuitive ERP software help businesses get all benefits and exemptions provided under Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs). Businesses can claim tax exemptions as made available under foreign-sourced dividends, foreign branch profits, and foreign-sourced service income. Deskera ERP helps companies claim the tax benefits provided by IRAS and thus helps them to claim adequate tax reliefs.

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